GWJ Conference Call Episode 667

Judgment, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Sea of Solitude, Golf Peaks, The Games We'd Bring to Netflix, Your Emails and More!

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This week Shawn, Allen, Amanda and Karla talk about games they'd adapt for Netflix and how'd they'd go about it!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:03:01 Dragon Quest Builders 2
00:20:19 Sea of Solitude
00:24:40 Judgment
00:36:26 Golf Peaks
00:38:50 Games We'd Bring to Netflix
00:59:46 Your Emails

I’m fully on board with Alan’s Hitman show under one condition:

The entire 8 episode run is just The Hitman taking out the same target in the same venue eight different ways.

My choices for game franchises that would make interesting short-run TV shows:

Duke Nukem (It would basically be Expendables: The TV Show but with aliens)

Any Warhammer 40k property.

God Hand retold as a 16 to 32 episode anime. (If this has already happened, please tell me where to get it!)

The Division has kind of already been done, but it would be interesting to see anyway.

Saints Row, but only if they start episode 1 as a slightly silly band of plucky gangsters and end episode 8 as time travelers going to meet Jane Austen after saving the world from space aliens.

Portal 2 is a superb two person co-op experience and really holds up today. Shouldn't be missed.

It probably wouldn't have occurred to me without the game being referenced but a Portal TV series would be perfect. The main character, in their attempts to escape, could break into test areas where other people or robots were bing test and team up with them for a while. You could follow other people entirely for an episode and have them briefly cross paths, when their transparent elevators run parallel for a moment maybe, with the main character. You could even have people trying to get in from the outside.

If it isn't too corny, which it probably is, there could be a bottle episode where the main character spent the entire hour relating their past to a companion cube before realising, in a heart breaking scene, that they had to use the cube to escape the next room.

Not sure I'd ever reference cake other than perhaps have one person on the outside eating a slice without comment.

Edit: Actually, opening scene: Someone is eating a slice of cake, luxuriating in it's taste and texture. All around is a wasteland of recycled clutter and half tumbled down buildings. They are in a cafe of shorts with a handmade sign and little to no roof. A member of wait staff watches the customer, obviously in the throws of oral ecstasy, and smiles, "I take it it's been a while." The customer stops, the fork making little circles in the air. "Too long."
"Where you headed?"
The customer looks around the empty cafe and glances out onto the street, "I'm doing a little sightseeing."
"Not many sights to see in this neighbourhood. In the positive sense of the word at least."
"I enjoy exploring old industrial sites. It's kind of a thing."
The customer stabs the last piece of cake and pops it in their mouth. "Good?"
Half way to the 'open plan' kitchen with the empty plate the server turns, "Any where in particular you are thinking of?"
"It's an old place,” the customer says, picking up a shoulder bag full of what looks like climbing equipment, “Probably not a lot left to see. Aperture Science?"

XCOM and Battletech would have been my two top choices. Darnit, Shawn and Allen.

Aww yiss the Battletech cartoon.

I wouldn't mind a 24-episode anime version of Timespinner's backstory. Techno-magic, warring moons, evil empires, I want it all.

Not gonna lie, the little “yay!” on the track when my tag was read out made my day. Thanks folks.

Concept for a new spin-off show:

Put me on a show versus two to three other writers/podcasters in which I argue why the other three people are wrong about a given game.

Ideas for topics include “Why Far Cry 5 is good and you’re hallucinating” and “Deacon St. John is just Aloy with a beard; change my mind.”

I call it I’M RIGHT.

Spin-off show:

Mass Effect, specifically dealing with the Quarian/Geth reconciliation on Rannoch after the "Green" ending.

Lean hard into the themes of pain and forgiveness - show real, hopeful reconciliation, but make everyone actually do the work.

I'd love an adaptation of Dishonored. Steampunk, plague, political intrigue, assassins, secret revolution, different islands with different cultures, and weird trippy magic.

On second thought: I'll take an open-world action RPG too!

So my first go to dream series is Mass Effect that covers the Geth uprising/ Quarian Floatilla start up.
Runner ups are Shadowrun and Phantom Dust. Shadowrun could focus on a single runner but would be great as a different cast each episode showing a different story. Phantom Dust might be too out there to be a good live action so probably animation based.

I’d love a TV show set in a Deus Ex world — Altered Carbon has similar themes & vibes.