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Resolved my performance issue with FSR + Frame Generation. I would get odd artificing, chunky movement, and some odd tearing whenever my frames dropped suddenly or dropped into the 50s. Turns out when I updated my drivers, I forgot to turn g-sync back on.

Once I did that everything became smooth.

Went on my longest trek yet. Had to go to this camp that looked close but turned out to be far. On foot it was a bit crazy as it probably took me a good 20 minutes to get there. On the way there had to run along these endless massive tree vines, climb up large rock faces, swim across water, and fight those annoying dogs. It was so much fun. They really did a fantastic job designing the world.

For those who bought Owlcat's latest work, Rogue Trader, how are the bugs? Some Steam players calling it a broken mess and some streamers have said they've got corrupted saves etc at 25+ hours in. This ain't cheap either weighing in slightly cheaper than BG3.

I have had no issues on PS5. Like, nothing at all. I'm maybe 10ish hours in (but probably not that far into the story because I have been reading a lot and deliberating on my level ups quite a bit.)

I'm on Steam and haven't had any issues.

I've only played ~2 hours and haven't had issues. Kingmaker had a lot more bugs than Wrath of the Righteous. But I think Owlcat was pretty responsive as I recall.

So I wouldn't be surprised by bugs due to Rogue's completely different systems. I don't know whether Owlcat doesn't have a big enough reputation. Or that they actually have a good reputation for fixing bugs.

Yeah I'm kinda wary of losing saves after my experience with the Games Pass version of Wartales. Apparently it's ok on the Steam version but yeah what a shocker on Games Pass.

Oh. I am not playing Rogue Trader on steam. I chose the EGS version for what its worth.

Hadn't heard of The Day Before until today, but whatever has happened is very funny.

Prederick wrote:

Hadn't heard of The Day Before until today, but whatever has happened is very funny.

It's been blatantly obvious if you've been even vaguely aware of that game just how many issues it and it's developer had. Anyone buying it really only has themselves to blame quite frankly.

This is very much an AI written article, it makes little sense, but it may have made 11 million dollars despite being terrible and immediately going bankrupt? Its confusing.

This'll be a documentary later.

Had my first Rogue Traders bug. Talked to a character I had literally just met and the game was assuming we were in a romance (one of my dialogue options involved “ending” our relationship.)

I also had a crash the spit me out to PS5 menu. No problems after that but there are some glitches for sure.

Did anyone recruit Pasqal? I’m curious how people are building him. Can’t wrap my head around what he’s supposed to be. His intro scene implies tank, his stats suggest controller/support type, but he seems to play like versatile DPS? I’m confused and I suspect Warhammer tech priest ignorance is to blame.

Just a heads up on it, I have heard the bugs are numerous in Rogue Trader but don't pop up until later in the game. I know a few people that have played it and loved it and also said to wait for some patches. By all means pick it up if you want just keep it in mind and use plenty of save slots

The prologue was bug free, Chapter one is slightly glitchy but not too bad. It is totally in line with their games to get messier the deeper in you go.

I'll keep everyone posted. Weirdly, it sounds like the console version might be less buggy than the Steam version. The list of known bugs I got with the press kit was long, but they had workarounds for most of the bugs and historically Owlcat is pretty fast with patches.

Sorbicol wrote:
Prederick wrote:

Hadn't heard of The Day Before until today, but whatever has happened is very funny.

It's been blatantly obvious if you've been even vaguely aware of that game just how many issues it and it's developer had. Anyone buying it really only has themselves to blame quite frankly.

I don't know that any of the people involved, from the developers to all the customers buying and refunding, and most of the commentators watching this, appreciate what a massive headache this is for Valve. Chargeback losses and bandwidth costs are probably exceeding revenues by over an order of magnitude.

I couldn't wait to try Rogue Trader and went ahead last night. No bugs yet but I just beat the prologue.

I might be making an unfair comparison here but I feel the assets look really rough vs what we saw in BG3, whether it's the character models or the map. I wonder if my graphic settings were turned lower on default? I'll have a look later tonight.

I built an Operative sniper; missed my shots pretty often despite using the Perfect Spot talent for the huge buffs to Ballistics for remaining stationary in cover. Even so, together with the other psyker Operative, I debuffed the boss so much with the Anaylze Enemies + Expose Weaknesses combo that it felt like it got deleted off the board with little fuss.

That said, single target sniper feels weak compared to the psyker who seemingly drops almost equivalent single target damage but has the AOE chain lightning that shreds bunched up riff raff. In fairness, even the battle sister's bolter damage felt a little underwhelming compared to psyker abilities. Perhaps this will balance out later with better loot.

The Battle Sister is a beast. The Psyker is quickly outclassed damage-wise and is mostly a support unit from what I can tell (though I suppose you can build them in a different way.) That lightning power is good in the early going for sure though.

For Argenta, I've been taking anything that ups her crit and focusing on AoE for burst fire with the gun she starts with. She demolishes mobs. And once you get the power that lets every friendly unit auto-dodge, she becomes significantly easier to position. The navigator character has some powers that let her grant, essentially, half turns with no movement to friendly units and those two pair together fantastically.

Enjoying the build I have going on my main (Melee biomancer.) I threw a lot of points in strength, chose death world, and I've leaned hard into Biomancy. The iron arm buff plus the damage over time poison effect are great, and there's a self-heal power and also something that, as you kill enemies, gives you stacks that are cashed in for a heal if you would otherwise drop. Might pick up some pyromancy later for ranged damage since there are a few fights where that matters a great deal.

The first companion you get is also a melee kind of build, but I'm designing him to be tankier while the PC focuses on slaughter.

My SoB can't hit sh*t.

Yeah her kit feels like you can build her into a fire control tower behind cover for more crits / spam run and gun to reposition for positioning burst fire so long as there's at least 2 kills available to get rid of the winded debuff.

I find it a bit unusual a pistol has about as much damage as a bolter round but I get it from a balancing perspective. She hits for about 6-8 base damage per burst fire round (it's a similar balancing mechanism they used in Jagged Alliance 3) but yeah perhaps a lot of the concerns around optics will fade away when heavy weapons, plasma and melta stuff is available.

I mentioned earlier that I really liked the tech priest in the alpha/beta.
I am sure he has a weakness. But when I played him, he was kitted out (default) to be practically immune to damage. He also hit in melee very hard but was slow to close.

Argenta was situational. She had nice spray aoe and multihit attacks. Plus she has an ability that lets her attack twice per round.

The thing that stood out to me about Edina (psycher) is that the chain skill had extreme range and it would bounce behind cover. It was really nice to nab those minions that liked to whittle you down with pot shots.

Nevin73 wrote:

My SoB can't hit sh*t.

I vote that henceforth, this condition be known as "Shadowheart Syndrome"

Perhaps this game has graduated to needing a thread?

Ya think?

New thread for Rogue Trader.

TheHarpoMarxist wrote:

New thread for Rogue Trader.

Oh, I meant Rouge Trader. Where you are trying to get food and medicine to the performers of Moulin Rouge before they die of TB. Is there enough interest in the other one? With the space orcs or whatever?

Also, my phone just tried to auto-correct "orcs" to "orchestra" and now I want to play a space orchestra game.

I have good news about your very specific want:

The first impressions video I could find for Cookie Cutter which is out today.

It seems to be all impressions at the moment.

This game looks so good!

It has a ton of promise. I’ve bought it on the strength of these impressions.

For what it's worth, Cookie Cutter is already available for purchase on EGS (launches on Steam in ~4 hours), has a 20% launch discount from $19.99 down to $15.99, which is above the minimum for the additional 33% Epic coupon, bringing the total down to $10.71.

It’s also discounted on Playstation with a PS Plus.