Games That Don’t Have a Thread Catch-All

This is a thread for games that you’re interested in discussing, asking questions, or whatever but don’t necessarily need to have their own thread. Small games, unpopular games, games you want to shout out, games you need to get off your chest, and anything else.


I played Eastshade earlier this year and really really enjoyed it. First person, extremely pleasant, light puzzle and dialogue game where you show up on the Island of Eastshade to paint some pictures in your mother’s memory. Help the local bear, owl, monkey, and deer people with their daily problems. There’s absolutely no combat or real danger. You can pass out from the cold if you stay out overnight but building a fire or getting a heavy coat will prevent that and increase your exploration time. Build a fire? Why yes there are light crafting mechanics. These tie into solving a few quests and with no inventory limit, it’s just a matter of a little bit of foraging to find what you need.

Initial travel can be a little slow, but you eventually unlock methods to traverse the rivers, lakes, and ocean as well as a bicycle. You basically are spending a little over 10 hours peddling your bicycle around a quaint forested countryside talking to the anthropomorphic inhabitants of the island. Eastshade was relaxing and a great change of pace from pretty much anything out there.

Eastshade has been on my radar a while. It looks gorgeous. I didn't know it had crafting stuff in there, but what you describe doesn't sound too bad.


So I kinda regretted passing on Project Hospital (-25%) during the Steam sale then I noticed GMG price matched during their current Summer sale. I took it as a sign and pulled the trigger.

Good gravy this game is the Dark Souls of Management Sims. The level of fine detail in which it explores the medical science field is dutifully impressive. Virtually every medical term, menu icon & piece medical equipment has an accompanied pop-up window describing the function, symptom, illness, treatment & medication as though it were straight from a medical dictionary. It's really expansive.

Digging the attention to detail as well. When a doctor examines or treats a patient, the animation loop has them interacting with the patient, then disposing items like needles in the bio-hazard waste bin, washing hands, putting other instruments back in the medical cabinet. Then they go over to their computer and print out treatment plans/prescriptions for the patient. Feels deliberate & authentic in spite of the graphics being simplistic. (On graphics, the character models are the weak link. Environmental objects are detailed and densely packed in the spaces.)

It's pretty cool that you can either diagnose & treat patients manually or just set it to auto-pilot and let your staff do all the work. Interviewing a patient when they arrive almost feels like a detective mini-game as you compare their symptoms (middle of their chart) against possible diagnoses (top of chart). Many will have hidden symptoms that will only reveal after further analysis sometimes in other depts. (physical exam, x-ray, etc.). The more you check over them the closer you get to a correct diagnosis as the Diagnoses section dials in, hopefully with a 100% confirmation.

What's interesting is the UI keeps a running log of all the patients you've interacted with. So when you preform the initial interview you can follow them through their complete treatment experience. Seeing them through various departments (ER, ICU, radiology, surgery, etc.) and performing all the procedures manually yourself through the affiliated dept. staff. The system feels quite dynamic & flexible based on how hands-on with your patients you wish to be.

And that's not even scratching the surface. There's also the complete tool suite for designing, building out & expanding your hospital. As well as dealing with administrative duties such as hiring, budgets, loans, insurance, etc.

The granularity is insane. This package seems to have it all and I love it.

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech is a lot of fun. These SteamWorld folks sure are good at making games. I loved Dig 2, Heist, and now Quest.

I just started chapter 16 of 19 and am around 20 hours. There's also an optional gauntlet mode in the story that I've put a few hours in as well. Story is fun, silly, and SteamWorld. I've been playing on Legendary difficulty (the hardest) and other than one barely possible boss fight, it's been challenging but fair.

Finished SteamWorld Quest yesterday on the hardest difficulty. Decided not to do the last two arena battles since they would require too much level grinding and the game doesn't give a good method for EXP at the end. Really loved it and it will be high on my personal list.