Only getting one artist for the rest of your life

This is a thought experiment prompted by a work discussion.

For the rest of your life you have to only enjoy {music, films, books} by one creative person, but you get all the eligible stuff. You get all their solo and collaborative work, but they have to be credited creatively on each one. This means my version of the question excludes ill-defined terms like Producer, but includes film composers (Williams, Zimmer), cinematographers (The Deaks, Gordon Willis) or technical people like Rob Bottin, Tom Savini or Ben Burtt.

Some examples:
1) Music: If you pick Paul McCartney you get all the Beatles output as well as the Frog Chorus
2) Films: If you pick Client Eastwood you get his acting and directorial output
3) Films: If you pick Sheb Wooley you get every movie which uses the Wilhelm Scream

So what do you do? My feeling is that you aim for variety rather than your strictly favourite stuff, pushing toward people who have had a long, varied career covering different kinds of things. My choices are:

1) Music: Beethoven or David Bowie
2) Films: Max Von Sydow or Robert Duvall
3) Books: Iain Banks


Probably will have other names in mind within in hour, for now

1) David Bowie (along with his readings, audio books and all)
2) Sylvia Saint
3) Jack Vance

Stanley Kubrick
Robert Plant
Bruce Dickinson

That's a lot of good media.

J K Simmons. Oz, Spider-Man and Portal 2!

Brian Eno.

For an artistic artist, I'd choose myself. Create my own bad versions of The Last Supper, Saturn Devouring His Son, Garden of Earthly Death lights, Campbell Soup cans, etc..

Music film and books? Umm... book would be the writers of the Bible, because it's the ultimate written precursor to science fiction, horror, Steel Magnolias, and mythology. Movies, Sam Raimi or the Coen brothers. Music? Type O Negative, because I'm a weirdo.

I think I did this wrong.

Damon Albarn

Movies - anything with a John Williams song or score
Books - JK Rowling. Maybe I’ll finish one of her mysteries
Music - this is a hard one. Maybe Prince

I’d have to think a lot for me....but I can guarantee it’d be Prince for my husband for music. He’s watching a YouTube video of behind the scenes Prince stuff

Janelle Monae

Also, Clint Mansell - you get quite a few films plus Mass Effect 3 and the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror.

Concave wrote:

Also, Clint Mansell - you get quite a few films plus Mass Effect 3 and the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror.

But more importantly you get Pop Will Eat Itself.

This question feels like "if you could only have one sense, which one would it be", to which the correct answer is: "doesn't matter, it'd be fricking miserable whichever one you choose".