Tour De France 2019

Well, that was an interesting ending to the first race of the Tour. Very exciting and two talented riders in crashes, one requiring hospital attention, the other losing his shot at winning the stage. Very good racing and unusually competitive for the first outing. And a nice young racer saw his shot and took it, benefiting himself and his team.

Anyone else following this year? After Froome's accident in June, the race is wide open. I'm looking forward to some excitement, and today did not disappoint.

Just found this thread!

I don't know how I feel about it yet, but it looks to me like Ineos has basically already wrapped this one up.

I think we need to see what happens in the next few days, but yeah, they pulled a really smart move yesterday. Watching it to figure out what happened, but I suspect they planned that move that broke the peloton...

ooooh, I hadn't gone as far as to say it was planned. Now that you mention it though...

I saw an interview with the team strategist - Blaisford, something like that? - and he dodged and weaved on that question, instead discussing the effects now that it's happened. I think they were paying attention to the wind on the latter half of the stage, and decided to stir the pot deliberately.

It was exciting, whether it was planned or not.

Oh interesting!

How about that last stage eh? The Rohan Dennis thing was certainly weird.

I only got to see bits of it in between work. Was that the feed bag incident, where the guy fell over and nearly got hit?

I did enjoy the sprint at the end. They really played some psych games in those final turns. Yates pulled it off nicely.

Edit - Now I see the Dennis news! Totally missed that yesterday. Perhaps there's more doping going on and Dennis could not take it?

Edit 2 - Now it looks like it was chronic equipment problems.

That is brilliant!

Very interesting that Alaphilippe has managed to stay in the lead for so long.

I keep thinking he's run out of gas, and he keeps coming back. Classic Tour performance from him and others this year. I'm really enjoying the twists and turns.

Yeah! I don’t think he is going to hang on to it, but at the same time I want him to? Also a lot of speculation on who Ineos is really supporting. Thomas and Bernal are so close. I think I heard the commentators saying one night that they had Bernal’s replacement bike in the most important spot on the support car?