The GWJ Adventure Game Club - Game 9: To the Moon

To the Moon (2011)


Wow. Okay. So you crazy cats have now elected my "pick" for the fourth time in a row. Amazing!

You play as either Dr. Rosalene or Dr. Watts (and you might switch around mid-game). They have an odd job: allowing people to relive their life, all the way from the very beginning... but only in their heads. And it will be the last thing they remember as they draw their last breath. As a result, this procedure is only performed on people on their deathbed, to allow them to rectify their regrets. This particular patient, Johnny, wants to go... to the moon.

You can find the wikipedia page here, usual spoiler warning apply. How Long to Beat estimates about 4 hours to completion, but it felt shorter to me back in the day.
Available on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch (release slated for this summer I believe). Currently very deeply discounted on Steam (1€99).

You can find the main thread over this way. We'll be playing To the Moon in July 2019, with an extra month if needed. Enjoy, folks! And keep the tissue box on hand.


It's been installed on my MacBook for quite some time, and I'm ready to go! Since this is short, I think I can fit it in my schedule.

Started this a long time ago, and never finished it. Looking forward to giving it another shot.

AWESOME! Just installed it. Can't wait to start, but think I'll wait til I have a chunk of time to devour it in one sitting.

Oh, I already have this one.

And it's got one relatively easy Steam achievement.... Perfect Game Possibility!

I can't resist. I will do this when I get back from traveling.

Just tagging for now. Dont know if I'll get around to actually playing it again - but then I said the same about Baldurs Gate 24 hours ago, and it is basically all I have been doing today, so what do I know.

To the Moon is an absolutely awesome 'game' experience in any case.

There's some lovely humour in the game.

I just finished the game... chewing on a lot.


River has autism, am I wrong? I feel like without even saying the it, it was somewhat implied. He was so in love with her but the end of his life was so sad because he wouldn't go against her wishes, yet afterward felt those wishes lead to her death. When they were just noodling back into his memories, anything having to do with River was just... really sweet. He loved her so much.

There are so many ways that unraveling a person's memories could go wrong, and I'm noooooot sure Eva & Neil buttoned this up quite so neatly. They recreated John's memories and I'm hoping kept River mostly intact?? Like, I would have liked a little-reassurance that the "diagnosis" of River's that John was uncomfortable educating himself on was "cancer" (the red hair in the waste basket) and not "autism" and that it didn't end up getting edited out like the sibling death. Or maybe I rushed through this game and I misunderstood a lot and got some wires crossed. This also seems likely.

I'm also... having a slight ethics dilemma where I'm not sure it's respectful to River to just edit away her inconvenient wishes out of her husband's memories. But maybe it's a kindness, I don't know what it's like to die. Maybe this is more like morphine for emotions so the dying don't spend their last moments dwelling on regrets. Let it be as fanciful as the dying person needs. Uuuugh all 3 of my final braincells are wrestling eachother about it.

I love this story, though. The humor is great! I love Eva and love-hate Neil. I did a thread of sh*tty tweets that are mostly maligning Neil over here.

Progress! I've installed the game.


Also just tagging in until I get home from vacation in a few days. Barely started this years ago and got distracted, glad to have a solid reason to revisit it.

Thinking that starting is often the hardest part, I squeezed in 15 quick minutes of this today. So far so good. I got a little confused at the very first section because I misinterpreted some artwork, but once I sorted that out everything went fine.