The GWJ JRPG Club - Q3 2019 - Tactics Ogre! ["Gaiden" Game]


Hi folks! I've been lurking in this thread for some time. Tactics Ogre is one of my all-time favourite games and now that you've wrapped up the replay, I wanted to thank you for letting me vicariously re-live my memories of Denam's adventures.

Glad you enjoyed it! If you'd like to check out Ys Origin, please consider joining us. We'd love to have you play along!

So...revive? Side game? I'm ready to play this now that Reborn is almost here. It's already been preordered

What’s the question?

For anyone looking to revisit the PSP release, this looks really awesome:
One Vision
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together mod

There's a huge readme that details tons of changes and improvements. Also, this summary is from reddit, probably a bit outdated now (the mod has received updates for almost 5 years!). Including, 100% success rate for crafting! No more save scumming!!!
Tactics Ogre PSP One Vision Mod! For those unfamiliar, an amazing guy by the username of Raics made an incredible mod for this game.

So as far as differences between the original:

All stats got re-balanced, in general this could be seen as more realistic and/or reasonable. So, for example, a level 4 attacking a level 40 could still do 40 damage with a regular hit, their odds are lower, and they do a little less, but generally all stats, as Raics put it, have a closer base-line.

Classes got remade to have more versatility, and be better at their roles. So, a good example would be that wizards got remade to be better as a mage damage dealer, while warlocks got access to melee weapons, and are more of a support/nuke/2nd liner type of situation. They also got some cool new spells, like Electrify now being a TP charging move (Which is amazing). Terror knights became awesome, fencers became effective hybrids, archers got their speed and damage nerfed to the point of being an actually balanced unit, and many front-liners got their heals removed, so knights, for example, can focus on things like area control. Oh, and Dragoons and Warlocks are basically like in KoL. This all said, the best remake is the Cleric, which is now a monk. Healing is improved and scales slightly, plus they can actually equip midweight gear, so they are extremely well-rounded now. You actually will have a hard time breaking through the healing abilities of more than one cleric.

Weapons, armor, and craftables have also been remade and re-balanced, with more fitting names, actual names being given to the +1 versions, as well as a far friendlier crafting system with 100% success rates, and easier requirements. Generally this has lead to builds being far more straight-forward, there are less random hidden stats, and more of the FFT-esque ability to know what someone is about just by looking at them. In addition, there are different types of armors, which also work closer to FFT. These alternate in their availability, but in general heavy armors are for tanking, with higher defense and health bonuses, as well as Deflection on the heavy shields. Lighter ones have parry bonuses, evasion bonuses, and the small shields have additional parry bonuses. All weapons have background status effects as well, like swords opening people with a stagger, axes reducing armor, hammers stunning, and so on. Unupgraded versions are about 10-15%, with 20-30% on the crafted ones. Also, due to linear progression, there's no tier jumping. Gear also has flat RT penalties, so You won't have to deal with Your party being all out of whack after some upgrades. One-handed spears got introduced, as well as both versions being allowed for several other classes, which made people like myself super happy, who were bothered by the original not letting me have my dang pike formations! All in all, this stuff is beautiful.

Spells got remade, so they're always viable, also some of them, like the drains, are percentage based. So, when You see terror knights using drains and stuns, they are actually effective.

This was an indirect one, but he's constantly remade moves to be more viable for use by the AI, and they're quite a bit more deadly now.

Skills got reworked, with several classes swapping or changing skills, and most which required reagents being changed to MP or TP moves instead. Passive buffs for stats got removed entirely, and wards were introduced to replace the weird resist system. Now, they are able to completely resist and get a free move cure for another for a single status effect. This works amazingly in practice.

Items got reworked, with less plentiful, but more focused items that generally behave more like the others in the series. Orbs got removed as a nuke (indicentally, the infinite cash thing was removed on their price, as well), trash vender loot got introduced to make up for this, and most crafting materials are a lot more simple to obtain. In short, less MMO-isms, and more gameplay.

There's so much more, and it's all covered in the 100ish page pdf that comes with the mod, this is just the extremely abridged version.

I will definitely start a new playthrough with this mod someday.