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Was I WRONG About Resident Evil 3, DOOM or Half Life: Alyx?

Really this looks more interesting the more I see. Aside from the character models and voices being so different (which I bet they had to be for licensing issues) the rest looks great.

Marvel's Avengers: Game Overview

Hmmm. That doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.

Only 4 episodes in, but I am really enjoying this Homeworld: Remastered playthrough, and it looks great on my projector screen.

I'm excited but, like Alex, I'm also worried about what we will get. I hope the PC version isn't hamstrung by the console version. Cryengine scales amazing these days so hopefully they deliver a game that runs well on consoles but also scales to modern PC hardware. Cryengine supports ray tracing and they could do some really cool stuff with that in a Crysis game. The original Crysis was amazing when it was first released and can still put hardware through it's paces. Crysis Warhead was my favorite in the series but I haven't played it in a long time.

This is fun.

Nice breakdown if you're trying to choose which one to play:

Being very careful going to YouTube at the moment (because of the TLOU 2 spoilers) but I had to go and get a link for this.

Your're right it has been fun so far. About 20 minutes into it.

Higgledy wrote:

This is fun.

Not sure I'll get the game but it's interesting to witness them learning how to play on the fly.

It does look fun.

It’s too bad that it’s another of those games that relies on matchmaking... I’ve watched loooong stretches of time where the streamer was waiting for the game to start. Not sure if it’s trying to adhere to too-rigid a level-spread, or there just aren’t enough players, or if everyone wants to be the Predator...

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - battle footage

So a buddy of mine shared this with me, and it speaks a lot to how I feel regarding game performance and visuals. It revealed to me that there's additional layers to performance and responsiveness than framerate, but the amount of time that each frame is on screen. Theoretically, they'd all be on screen the same amount of time, but that's not how it works.

Which would explain why Sekiro felt so inconsistent regarding its timing to me.

But what speaks most to me is that seeing the difference between Bloodborne at 30fps and 60fps is big and clear, but dropping down to 720p doesn't really make much difference in my eyes. Looking between the three resolutions, I'm not really seeing the difference as clearly as I am with the framerate improvement.

To me, this is evidence that framerate is more important than resolution, but resolutions look better in screenshots (which you'd think don't really matter as much these days but here we are). It's also why I wouldn't be surprised if box Xbox Series X and PS5 end up emphasizing 4K....... at 30fps.

They will definitely keep emphasizing 4k but maybe this generation they’ll have more than a few games that actually hit native 4k and don’t just upscale or reconstruct to 4k-ish.

I was very happy to see a pattern late this console generation where you could pick if you wanted the game to focus on graphic quality or framerate. If that continues, especially if competitive multiplayer games finally support 120fps on consoles, then they can advertise all the irrelevant pixels they want in screenshots and those of us who want performance can still get it.

Many of the existing Xbox One X games with unlocked frame rates and adaptive resolutions are suspected to run smoother and at higher resolution immediately on Series X without any patching and TBH, until there is some must have exclusive, the main thing I want from the Series X is just smoother performance on my existing games. I’m treating it a lot like a video card upgrade. Make my current stuff better and enable me to play the next stuff.

This is something I've become more aware of with the number of remasters this generation. Nine times out of ten it's the increased framerate that makes all the difference, and I barely notice the resolution bump.

Sorry for the long post but I have a lot of thoughts about visuals vs framerate and PC vs console.

Until recently my PC has been good enough to play modern games but had a video card worse than my Xbox One X. I often found myself making the decision between nicer looking graphics on the Xbone or being able to prioritize framerate and consistency on the PC.

For Rocket League where I value input latency above all other things I switched to PC and never looked back. Even when the Xbone X and PS4 Pro patches arrived they added 4k and more effects but still couldn’t hit a reliable 60fps whereas on PC I run 240fps with incredibly low input latency and less annoying particles and lens flares cluttering up my visuals and gsync to smooth out any framerate dips.

I chose to play Gears 4 and 5 on console where I cared less about input latency but for Gears 5 I chose performance mode to make it play smoother.

I originally started Metro Exodus on Xbone X but the framerate was driving me nuts so I switched to PC and lived with lower quality visuals at a higher framerate and didn’t regret it at all.

I got Destiny 2 on Xbone because that’s where my destiny friends play but when it went free to play I was able to try it on PC at high framerate and it was such a better game. Unfortunately the DLC is platform locked and there is no cross-platform multiplayer so I have to decide between smooth framerate on PC or having all my content and friends at 30fps on Xbone. Even the Xbone X and PS4 Pro are locked at 30fps. it’s frustrating but that’s a social game so it’s not a hard choice.

These days my PC video card is more powerful than the Xbone X video card and supports RTX so it’s an easier decision for most new stuff but I’m looking forward to what the Series X can do and from the specs it’s again faster than my PC GPU.

I was pretty happy CoD MW supported cross-play because I really wanted to play it on PC with RTX but almost all my CoD friends are on Xbone. Hopefully this becomes the new norm.

One thing Digital Foundry has pointed out in the past about current gen console frame rates is they are often more limited by the terrible CPU than the GPU. Series X and PS5 have significantly better CPUs than Xbone X and PS4 do. The better CPU and GPU in Series X should mean I choose that platform instead of PC for almost everything but competitive games for a while.

I really really hope Series X properly supports FreeSync because even though I have that enabled on my Xbone X and monitor it makes no visible difference there even tho my monitor supports freesync down to 30fps. I also hope more Series X games support unlocked frame rates and disabling vsync. That will go a long way to making them actually play smooth instead of just looking smooth.

DF reaction:

On the Beyond! Podcast they were talking about the fact that it wasn’t a demo set in the world of any particular game but it was so familiar in it’s setting that in your head you could substitute the character in the demo with Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Aloy or Kratos and imagine what those games are going to look like.

We Found 50+ NEW Details in Paper Mario: The Origami King's Reveal! (Ninja Town & a Luigi Lamp??)

Just tagged that. Forgot Mikey has a background in video games.

Looks like I should have tried Prey when it was on Game Pass. I vaguely remember enjoying the original but that was forever ago and they seem to be completely different.

Love me some lists!

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I like lists

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