Gaming video Catch-All

X-com meets xenomorphs.....I am in!

Between this, Jagged Alliance 3 and The Lamplighters League I feel like my turn based, squad tactical gameplay is about full for the year.

Age of Wonders 4 Review

I remember this game fondly from the iPad. I was hoping it was a new game but it is just a "definitive edition" Still might pick it up.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes - Definitive Edition | Reveal trailer

Oh I played that one. It was fantastic. Good excuse to play it again.

Hopefully it’s the first step towards more games in the series.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Jedi Coaching Sessions Trailer

FRONT MISSION 2: Remake || Story Trailer
Might have to pick this up. It looks fun. I remember loving FM3 but FM1 just looked too old for me to try. FM2 might be in between and fun.

Apparently Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PC has released in rough shape so you may want to wait for patches before jumping in. Console versions are smoother right now.

Showgunners - Review After 100%

Redfall Review in Progress - One of the Worst Games I Played So Far In 2023

Redfall - How Bad Is It?

Skywind Gameplay Demo - Necromancer in Mawia
*wow. This looks incredible.

XCOM Combat with SQUIDGAMES and American Ninja Warrior - SHOWGUNNERS - Part 1

Stunning 1930's XCOM-Like - The Lamplighters League [EARLY PRE RELEASE LOOK]
*I like Christoper Odd and he certainly seems to work with lots of developers to get early access

I’m so in!

An old one but always enjoyable to watch Teo and Paddy in games like this.

Upcoming RPGs set to release in 2023
*looks like all action PRGs



a bit like Frog Fractions. or Inscription.

Inkbound Hands on Preview - Some Surprises in Roguelike Turn Based Space.

These are fun.

Get Planet of Lana - Review - Flashbacks to Flashback

Bloodworth's Zelda Diaries - Part 4: Crazy Man Jumps Down THAT Hole

Miasma Chronicles - First Impressions

I like this FF16 video because he doesn't talk. It is just the game

Shockingly LoTR: Gollum seems to be ... well in ACGs words "wait for deep, deep sale"

Skillup tore it to pieces. I was never interested in the first place so it’s an easy pass for me.

I am up to part 32 in FightnCowboy's playthrough of Jedi: Survivor and I am really happy I quit. The jumping and the puzzle just look frustrating and annoying

Lots of memories of the original. It was beastly hard - which adventure games were back then.

David Harbour is in freaking Alone in the Dark Remake! Special Event Impressions and First Preview