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There is a surprising (I might even, if pushed, go as far as to say bewildering) lack of gameplay in this Fort Solis gameplay trailer but I am keen to learn more.

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Dredge Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

This looks extremely similar to Sunless Sea, I mean to the extent it has taken everything from that game.

I really liked SS but it required a looooot of grind that really soured my feeling for the game by the end. It sounds like this has a similar issue but if it achieves the atmosphere of SS with a bit less opacity and respects my time a bit more, Dredge looks a worthy successor.

The Lamplighter's League - Initial Gameplay Details

Hyper Light Breaker Gameplay

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This looks far better than I expected

LEGO 2K Drive | Awesome Reveal Trailer | Coming May 19

This looks great! Excited to see what my kids think.

That convinced me I want that game when I was very much going to pass it without another thought before. Thanks for sharing!

Let's Play Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)... but FURRY Part 1 - Hardcore Difficulty
*apparently he liked the model he used in Jedi: Fallen Order

I don't like FPS much anymore but this looks kind of cool.

Crime Boss: Rockay City - Official Launch Trailer

Wait on Ravenbound Review in Progress - Rough, Online Only, But also Original

Can't tell a difference.

Elden Ring Ray Tracing Upgrade Test - Is It Worth It? - PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs PC

Looks incredible. Glad it’s co-op.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Feels Like a True Lived-In World - Preview

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We Played Star Wars Jedi: Survivor And It’s The Ultimate Jedi Power Trip - PlayStation Access

I sometimes play War Thunder with my son. He likes it a lot. It's ok but kinda boring to me. It hasn't changed significantly in quite a while which is why the new mobile infantry stuff was so surprising.

CohhCarnage Plays Everspace 2 - Episode 1

Everspace 2 Is Finally Out In 1.0, And It's Fantastic! - Wanderbots

Sea of Stars | New Gameplay Today Exclusive

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp - 6 Minutes of New Gameplay
*got to say this game may just be a bit to old. There have been a lot of advances in mechanics since it came out and it feels a bit stale.
I would rather replay WarGroove even though it is a clone of AW.

Buy Minecraft Legends Review

I recommend: Minecraft Legends (Review) - Skill up

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition - Official Reveal Trailer

Ohh....I am interested! Very fond memories of using duct tape, pipe and gun to make a more accurate weapon, etc.

2 Decades in the Making Jagged Alliance 3 Preview and hands on Impressions2 - ACG

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