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Live - Wild Hearts
*and he does use foul language so probably NSFW
*you get to fight with a parasol!

Returnal PC Review - ACG

PSVR 2 seems incredible but I just can't bring myself to buy it. Way to expensive for only a few games.

Like a Dragon Ishin - Review

CohhCarnage Plays Like A Dragon: Ishin! (Key Provided By SEGA) - Episode 1

Horizon Call of the Mountain PSVR 2 Gameplay – First 10 Minutes
*that was kind of amazing. So much so I went to the PSN store - and was quickly reminded that for $550 I can buy every game on my Steam wish list, Eshop wishlist, and a ton of other stuff. Yeah it is amazing but not for the cost.

I strongly recommend: 'Like A Dragon: Ishin!' (Review)

There was a game mode that I loved and played endlessly in Battlefield 4 called Obliteration where you had to transport a barrel like bomb to a series of Mcoms in order to destroy them. The bomb could be stolen by the other team and you then had to prevent them from taking out your Mcoms and ideally steal the bomb back.

At it’s core this looks very similar in that it’s teams trying to move an object across the map whilst others attempt to intercept them. I’m very excited.

Octopath Traveler II Nintendo Switch Review

Resident Evil Village: 17 Minutes of PS VR2 Gameplay

Wreckfest is so fun and I really should play it more....

Why is that video so on point. I haven't enjoyed much in racing games outside of Dirt Rally 2.0 and Art of Rally since Burnout Paradise. And the other games I have put time into have only been small amounts. Sadly, I also haven't managed a ton of time into the quite interesting looking Drive San Francisco. I've gotten distracted by other games after restarting 3 times now. I did get further than ever before last year, though. Looks like only 3.5hrs, though.

Final Fantasy XVI - First Hands-On Preview

Final Fantasy 16 Combat Breakdown + New Gameplay! Final Fantasy XVI Combat Gameplay

More FF16 video previews

FFXVI wasn’t on my radar, other than being aware of it’s existence. Skillup’s preview has me excited. The gritty feel to the game is right up my alley. Not sure my reflexes are upto the speedy real time combat but it looks like I’m going to find out.

Buy Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Review - But Be Aware of These Issues

After the review I found that CohhCarnage has a lets play already

CohhCarnage Plays Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Key Provided By Koei Tecmo) - Episode 1
*he isn't my favorite youtuber but his language is safe for work, and he does a great job of getting new games on.

Resident Evil 4 Remake New Gameplay Breakdown - Combat, new areas, attaché case features and more!

Fightin' Cowboy has put together some thoughts on Wo Long.

Really, I just want to plug FC - a great streamer and content creator who I enjoy watching even though the style of game he plays (action stuff) is not my thing at all.

Definitely uses bad language, btw.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review: Better Than Nioh? PC vs Playstation 5

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Is The Sekiro I WANTED... | Review

Really well done video on black hair in games:

farley3k wrote:

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Is The Sekiro I WANTED... | Review

Huh. I didn't realize it was a Souls-like. I may have just assumed it was like Dynasty Warriors but with demons.

And by way of contrast:

We recently had a thread on games that took over your life. Ultima 3 got mentioned a few times. Came across this extremely well done retrospective. It touches on quite a few things I had forgotten about the game.

The video criminally does not have many views so wanted to call it out. His other Ultima 1-5 retrospectives are equally so well done.

I may have to get this. It looks pretty good.

Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Review - Is It Worth It?

Wargroove 2 - Announcement Trailer

Haha, I just came to this thread to post that same video. I liked that the original Wargroove was essentially 'a fantasy version of Advance Wars, but moreso'. I'd be happy if they just gave me more of the same Wargrove, to be honest, but it looks like they're trying to go further? Maybe? I guess one potential pitfall is that while the original stole a lot of the unit balancing from Advance Wars, they'll have to somewhat figure things out on their own for the sequel. Again, having said that, could be potential for something great. Either way, it should be another great attempt at something Nintendo could be doing, but isn't.