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Forspoken reviews are up!

Forspoken Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

Forspoken - Easy Allies Review

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Reaction - Is it Overhyped?

SteamWorld Build Announcement Trailer
*I liked the other SteamWorld games but like the card battler one this appears to be a new direction.

And I found a preview by Wanderbots

farley3k wrote:

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Reaction - Is it Overhyped?

I'm not even going to watch the trailer. What little I've allowed myself to see over the past year has been enough to excite me.

And I really hope SteamWorld Build is as good as it looks. Heist and Quest didn't do anything for me, but the two Digs were damn-near perfect for what I wanted out of them.

Risen | Nintendo Switch Release Trailer

A Magical First Look at Hogwarts Legacy
*this just seems great.

And here is their playthrough with no commentary

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Buy Spongebob Squarepants Cosmic Shake Review - "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

Dead Space (2023) - Easy Allies Review

Let's Play I am watching of Trainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon - early access but it looks cool.

CohhCarnage Plays Tainted Grail: The Fall Of Avalon (Key Provided By Awaken Realms) - Episode 1

Hogwarts Legacy - Official Launch Trailer 4K

One Piece Odyssey - Easy Allies Review

The “summary of Elden Ring plot” a couple minutes in is pretty great

One big thing Rory fears is moving mannequins…

I’d never seen this for some reason.

ACG - Buy Hogwarts Legacy Review - "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never touch?"

Fextralife - Hogwarts Legacy Review (Spoiler Free) - It's All You Wanted

IGN - Hogwarts Legacy Review

If you can't ride a broom while wearing a shirt that says, "If you can read this, the witch fell off!" then it's certainly not "All You Wanted."

Gameplay Deep Dive - Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - 9 Minutes of Gameplay | IGN First

Octopath Traveler II - Partitio's Beginning - Hands-On Preview

farley3k wrote:

Let's Play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order... but FURRY Part 1 - My Fursona Is the Last Jedi (Modded)

Kind of neat how well the models work in the game

I have been watching more of this and it is neat how his reskin looks.

People love unboxing videos don't they?

PlayStation VR2 Unboxing

PlayStation VR2 Unboxing - easy allies

More Everspace 2 than you could want!
*watching has convinced me to download the demo - not that it takes a lot of convincing for a demo
16GB demo! Bigger than many games I have installed.

EVERSPACE 2: Gamedev Playthrough & Codex First Look (2+ hours!)

Tape to Tape has been on my wishlist since playing the demo during one of last year's Steam Next Fests.

There's not enough good hockey gaming on PC. Playing hockey games on emulators is one of my biggest RetroArch uses.

Man plays the ‘The Last of Us’ menu music.

The First 24 Minutes of Wild Hearts