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I’ve been looking forward to this one

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Easy Allies Review

Short but rather sweet. Blink and you’ll miss the confirmed release date at the end.

Bright Memory Infinite is coming to consoles towards the end of July.

Looks interesting, but that trailer was a quick-jump blurry mess...

Higgledy wrote:

I just watched this and want to give it a bump. This is just a fantastic curated list of games to keep an eye on with some great commentary. I think I wishlisted 11 of the 25 games in this video.

They get to the God of War: Ragnarok release date outrage eventually. Which is par for the course on this fantastic podcast.

Captain America Gameplay Showcase | Marvel’s Midnight Suns
*this game may turn out to be incredible but the character models in the cut scenes (2 minutes in ) look horrible.

Guy continues to remake Simpsons Hit and Run. 2nd video, working on cars.

I have no interest in actually playing this game but the deepest dive is a great way to enjoy an early Naughty Dog game.

The Xenoblade story is just silly.

What Lore You Need to Know Before Xenoblade 3 - From Someone Who's Already Finished It

Stray - Easy Allies Review


Gaming Bolt

That guy is still going stuff?

This is great.

I thought the Psi King's sensorium was one of the most amazing sections of a game I'd ever played, but there is so much meaning behind many elements within it that I'd totally missed!

Honest Game Trailers | Stray

This looks kind of "b" level but I am interested anyway.

Gotham Knights - Official Red Hood Character Trailer