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Be careful for those that didn't play it last year, that trailer has spoilers for the end of the game.

Wish I had a PS5 and could try this but I’m happy to wait until they fix some of those bugs

I was fine until she went into the classic a-hole rant about get good around 6 minutes. Perhaps it was a joke but I get so, so, so tired of being insulted even as a joke.

Yeah, I was disappointed that they went that direction at the end. I'm sure they'll get some feedback about it. Hopefully they listen and do better in the future.

How spoilery is it?

Higgledy wrote:

How spoilery is it?

A little. I would avoid it if you don’t already know some of the general plot twists in that game. It doesn’t explain them but it does show some of them in the video. I know a little bit of what to expect and I didn’t feel like that video spoiled things for me but I don’t want to assume your tolerance for spoilers.

Thanks. They don’t seem to worry about spoiling plot or anything so I suspected as much. I’ll avoid if for now even though I suspect the game will be too twitchy for me and I’ll never get to it.

More importantly, in that youtube video still, why does her head look so big in that helmet? Is the visor some sort of magnifying glass??

I think the helmet is pretty snug. It’s one of those slimline space helmets.

Teo plays with a random in Firestorm. They way he thinks tactically from moment to moment is fascinating.

Famicom Detective Club - REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Just started watching. Sounds like your opponent can be another player or an npc which I like. Every time I see it I’m more impressed.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Planets and Exploration

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin - Story Intro

11 Minutes of Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade - Yuffie Gameplay

Horizon: Forbidden West - State of Play

I’ll probably buy a PS5 for that. (If I can find one by then.)

Has a lot of potential. Another on to go on the ‘when I get my PS5’ list.

Probably going to try this on PC game pass.

I don’t actually miss pen and paper D&D itself but I do miss D&D board games like Wrath of Ashardalon and Castle Ravenloft. Is there a video game out there a lot closer to those? Multiplayer co-op turn based D&D lite.

Quake 1 holds a special place in my heart. I’m not sure why but I never played Doom much when it was first out. I did play the shareware demo of Quake 1 for many many hours tho before I owned the game and played the full game for many more hours. I played mods heavily. I got into the Team Fortress mod of Quake. I played a huge amount of Quake deathmatch for years.

The NIN soundtrack was amazing!

When I first played quake I was keyboard only (we all were). We used look up and down keys. Then I heard about the player Thresh winning a big tournament and winning a Ferrari playing with a mouse so I had to go learn how to do that. Back then if memory serves I had to hold the mouse look key the whole time I wanted to look around but it was worth it. Memory might be wrong.

There was a Quake mod that added Doom 3 style real time shadows that melted PC performance but looked so good.

Quake absolutely is one of the most important video games of all time if not THE most important. Though I will admit it is hard to unseat Space Invaders and the others that actually started it all.

Without Quake, there are no 3D accelerator GPUs. And then you have to point out the explosion of game designers with 3D experience and the impact they had on the games industry. Physics, texture mapping, shadow maps, skinned and rigged PCs and NPCs (*), scripting, the list of advancements from this one game is a mile long.

* the models were skinned and rigged and animated in another program. The frames of the animation were then morphed in game to create the movement.

I think I just found my game of the year:

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - Gameplay Trailer
*they kept all the sounds the same - which is fine. I have it on a second tab and I couldn't tell you I was hearing this new game vs. one of the previous ones.

Biomutant - Review

SplashWave makes some great Making Of mini-documentaries. This one might be one of my favorites they've done.