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I will post a few reviews that I am moving from the trailer thread to keep things neater

The Sinking City Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"
*looks kind of interesting.

My Friend Pedro (Nintendo Switch eShop) - Nindie Nexus Reviews!

Judgment Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Let's Play Void Bastards - SALVAGE TIME

I really like the ACG reviews.

He is one I give a small monthly donation to. I get $5 of entertainment from his stuff certainly.

So is this a review, or anything that's not a trailer thread? Can you clarify in the OP? I know there was talk in the trailer thread, but would be good to be clear on what to expect/contribute.

I added a bit. I guess the only think I wouldn't expect would be stuff like that "Making of God of War" video that came out awhile ago (and well worth watching if you haven't see it)

BORDERLANDS 3 Exclusive Early Gameplay

Is it wrong to want a female psycho plushie?

Depends on if you want it life size.....

Or pillow-shaped.

So I was going to post this in the E3 predictions thread, but figured I'd drop some love to this one instead. Raycevik put together a video discussing a variety of E3 demonstrations that proved "inaccurate" to the final product, compared to ones that were more representative, with a final point that no matter what, "accurate" is still in quotes for good reason.

I enjoyed it, though it's also precisely why I don't trust the Watch_Dogs Legion gameplay one bit.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Welcome to the Black Eagle House - Nintendo Switch

More of a preview, but it's not a trailer and there's not enough reason to give Darksiders Genesis its own thread, so in here it goes.

Basically, it has an isometric perspective, but don't expect it to play like a twin-stick shooter or Diablo. There's no loot-game involved. Basically, it's a Darksiders game, but from an isometric perspective since they're a smaller team on a smaller budget.

Which sounds fine to me, but I imagine may sound disappointing or repulsive to others.

ccesarano wrote:


I’d never seen any of his videos before but now I’m watching a ton of them. Very good. Thanks for sharing.

His “Metro... Years Later” video is especially relevant to me as I’ve just replayed those and finally got around to playing Exodus.

This is really funny.

I never had a gameboy but I did buy the version of Link's Awakening on 3DS...and never really got around to playing it. With the recent remake coming out for Switch I've been thinking I should dig out the 3DS and play it. My favorite Zelda games (before BOTW came out) have always been the old SNES style ones and I bought the Zelda branded 3DS specifically for Link Between Worlds.

I do love lists

Top 10 Scariest Games! - Easy Allies

This chaps channel has a ton of potential. Great animation in games is a big part of a games enjoyment for me. Equally a poor stealth animation (for example) will irritate me no end.

As a bit of trivia, New Frame Plus is by Dan Floyd, the former narrator of Extra Credits (and not the writer, who has had multiple negative claims leveled against him). Unfortunately, despite being subscribed to the guy, I've yet to actually watch one of his videos.

I do, however, make sure I watch Post Mesmeric whenever he updates.

Aside from being a decent break-down of Scott Pilgrim's mechanics and how well it executes on those despite little ingenuity itself, it also kind of highlights the importance of games preservation and why some of us aren't so hot on the idea of all games moving to Streaming – especially with Google Stadia talking about having their own exclusive games.

This must be the thread in which to post highlights from Summer Games Done Quick.

This one because the commentary is so much fun. Wiggle wiggle wiggle...

Blindfolded. The menus are the final boss.

TASbot and Celeste are a mesmerizing combination.

That's one of the more amazing things I've seen lately.

Night Call drops today. Man I hope it delivers.

Gameplay previews look quite promising.

Remember guys, the trailers thread hasn't been retired. This thread is for all the other types of videos, such as analyses or reviews or otherwise generally interesting videos that don't belong in the trailers thread.

Making Skyblivion: Bringing Oblivion To Skyrim

Oct 31!

Luigi's Mansion 3 – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

*I assume their caps lock got stuck.

Great video on cameras. Although I never had a problem with the camera in the new God of War and I preferred the close up feel.

I've only watched part one so far, but Archipel put together an excellent two-part series on Dreamcast back in June. It's long, though.

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Full Opening Cutscene + Demo Gameplay (E3 2019 - Offscreen)

Let's Play Dead Space - Late to the Party

Archipel also recently released a video where Koji Igarashi, known for Castlevania Symphony of the Night onward and Bloodstained, sat with the younger Producer behind Tokyo Jungle.

I find it fascinating that the majority of people that would be asking about Igarashi's history already know he worked at Konami and on the Castlevania franchise, but he still refuses to name either one. It's definitely a sort of "professional courtesy" element of the culture, I think.