New platform madness - have you ever caught it?

Getting a new system is usually at least somewhat exciting, as well it should be. The prospect of many, previously unavailable enticing experiences also brings with it the danger of overindulgence, bank account permitting.

I have a sizeable collection of games for many systems, but most of that has been built gradually over time. What this topic is about is letting the excitement of a new platform get the better of you, and suddenly, in a short period of time, you have acquired far more games than can be justified in any way.

The last time I think this happened to me was upon picking up a used Dreamcast in 2001 and buying over 30 (mostly discounted) titles within a year. To be fair, I didn't regret it in general, even if to this day I still haven't played some of them for more than a few minutes.

The danger for this affliction always seems greatest picking up a system towards the end of its lifecycle or even after, but I thought I had become immune to it. It had been a long time since I have felt that kind of excitement.

Then, 13 months ago, I got a PS4 pro, followed by a PSVR headset Christmas 2018. I have lost control of all reason. My PS4 library already numbers 47 titles (6 of them mostly for the wife, and 3 I didn't care about but were part of the PSVR bundle, but that still leaves 38 that I purposely bought) - all without being a PSN member! There is no way I'm likely to ever beat a majority of this library, even if I worked on it exclusively. I have a toddler and another baby on the way in a month! This is crazy!

What can I say? In my eyes, Sony has knocked it out of the park this generation.

Has this happened to you? When and with what new platform? For the purposes of the thread, Steam Sale Madness shouldn't count unless you had just recently gotten into PC gaming (or back into it after a long hiatus).

Nintendo Switch was pretty exciting. I randomly woke up at 1:30 am on the day preorders went live, and put one in on Amazon. When it showed up, I played Zelda: Breath of the Wild nearly non-stop for a couple of weeks!

There's something about that 'new console release day' feeling... I remember going to get my Wii at midnight. I remember calling around for weeks trying to find a PS2 (and getting a call while at dinner, Gamestop had a bundle!)

I'm already sort of anticipating the PS5 and whatever the nextBox is. All it'll take will be a couple of drool-worthy exclusives, and I'll start counting the days to preorder!

I am always, always, always behind the curve on new consoles.
Up until recent generations I have owned all 2 or 3 of that generation's consoles.
I have always been a late adopter.
I bought genesis for golden axe and shinobi (2?)
I bought snes for smash tv, mystical ninja
I bought dreamcast for Framegride, Twinkle Star Sprites
I bought gamecube for custom robo and mystic heroes
I bought playstation 2 for BG dark alliance 1+2, dynasty warriors 3, Champions of Norrath and Front Mission 3
I bought Xbox for Sudeki, Mechassault 1+2, Crimson Skies HRTR
I bought Wii for Wii sports resort
And that's it

I got a gaming PC and accumulated something like 70-100 Steam games in a few months via sales, bundles, giveaways, and good ol' fashioned buying too much. I regret every one of them.

ClockworkHouse wrote:

I got a gaming PC and accumulated something like 70-100 Steam games in a few months via sales, bundles, giveaways, and good ol' fashioned buying too much. I regret every one of them.


I have had the you of standing inlines outside stores at 4-5 in the morning on two occasions. One for the PS2, and again for the Wii.

It was great. I loved all of us standing around in the cold, chatting, laughing. Some of my best gaming memories.

I have bought a ton of consoles but those I remember so much more.

The switch got me good for this. I didn’t get it until about 9 months after release, and I got way too keen on the games purchases. Still haven’t played some of them, but I’ll get there...

I have never purchased a console in its launch window or upgraded to a new video card or processor during their launch.

I might get the new Xbox next year but I am really not sure yet.

I stood in the rain for my Dreamcast, then stayed up until 4am. On a work night. Did not get a lot done that day.

I got a Dreamcast 9/9/99. Once I saw NFL2K and NBA2K there was literally no way I could wait a day longer. I picked it up from a Babbages along with those 2 games and a VMU. Babbages is a very funny word.

I stood in line for an Xbox 360 in the dark hours of the morning. That was my first console since the SEGA Genesis as a kid. After that, I bought consoles after they'd already launched so didn't have a problem getting one when I wanted it.

Not a new platform guy but whenever I upgrade my PC, especially the Vid Card, I have to go out and buy a few new games that utilizes the upgrade to it's fullest. I typically put a few hours in them and ooh and ahh over the benchmarks and then it's about a 50/50 chance that I'll play them again. I always regret this because I have a yearly budget for gaming and the money I spend on the games I probably won't play much could just be saved for another upgrade to make the games I do play even better!