France 2019 Catch-All: June 7 - July 7

Honestly, do we need the apology scroll for the F'ing People's Court not being televised due to WC coverage?

Mr Bismarck wrote:

England World Cup problems with penalties you say?

There's almost a poetry about it.

Stele wrote:

Woman of the match with that pk save!

Who needs Hope Solo?

I guess being "Brave" is code for hack the sh!t out of the US.

Sorry England, you gave it your all.

WTG ladies!
One more win

Abu5217 wrote:

I have heard that Rapinoe may be gassed. She's played a LOT of minutes, and would be excellent coming in off the bench as a defensive sub. That said, someone will need to step up and score in her absence.

Press may have a speed advantage vs Bronze as well.

I thought I saw Rapinoe being ginger with one of her ankles toward the end of the last game, so I wasn't too surprised to see her out of the lineup. Great work by the starters.

Prederick wrote:

Sorry England, you gave it your all.

Sadly, this is true. Their 'all' consisting of:

- Poor choices of pass, poorly executed
- The failure to execute basic skills at critical times (a 1st half corner that never entered the field of play, a foul throw-in in the 2nd half, a muffed attempt to trap a high ball)
- Linked to the above, the inability consistently clear the ball in the (England) final third of the field
- Also, linked the above an inability to regularly mount dangerous attacks at the other end
- A woeful reliance on 'long ball' football in the middle of the game.

I'd love to see detailed match statistics. However, I'd guess that England's unforced errors exceeded the USA's by 4-to-1.

One thing that is interesting to me is the fact that the England women so closely resembled the England men in last year's World Cup semi-final.

In terms of the way forward for England (who reached the stage of the tournament that their seeding predicted). They need to improve technically (national players simply can't make 'foul throws'). They need to improve their decision-making (way too many passes went damn-near directly to USA players). And they need to improve tactically (there was precious little sign of a 'Plan B' until the 'throw-everyone-forward' last 10 minutes).

EDIT: Of course, whether all this would be sufficient to bridge the gap to the USA is a moot point. The USWNT looked a different class yesterday. Fitness. Speed. Reaction times. Decision-making. Accuracy...

One of the stats the commentators mentioned last night was something like the USWNT having won 38/39 of their last World Cup games. Mind-boggling.

One challenge for the women's international game is going be expanding the Top Tier that only the USWNT and Germany have been able to occupy consistently. I'd say it needs at least another full-time member, and one or two who drift in and out.

France is certainly there. Brazil is a question mark but they always seem to be able to pull incredible players from out of thin air. China, Netherlands and the Swedes are all capable and who know's what happens with teams like Scotland and Canada.

And a lot of international players are getting great experience playing for US colleges. That only seems like a huge win moving forward. Plus the fact that the US can dominate and only win in the later rounds 2-1 is a good indicator of progress and begging for an outright upset or penalty kick loss...

Both of these keepers today have made brilliant fingertip saves to divert the ball onto the woodwork to keep the game at 0-0.

Hup, Holland, Hup!

I'd favor the USA again, but like the last two games, I will absolutely not be shocked if their opponents win. The USWNT is no longer the same, utterly dominant force it was before, because everyone else has closed the distance significantly.

That was a beautiful goal too in extra time. 99' I believe.
I think Netherlands was tired at that point to because I think it was van der (something) that was getting great balls on the wings late game but no one was making runs for her so she was passing it into nothingness.

I can't wait to see the finals match on Sunday!

Having just seen the highlights, there were a couple of fantastic saves by each keeper, and the finish on the winning goal was magnificent.

Saw a tweet saying MRI and CT of Asllani showed no damage. Great news!

Wow, just walked right through Alex. 0 play on the ball. No foul?

2 great saves. Damn.

Still can't believe that card. Is there no review because it wasn't in the box? We kick the ball and she runs into a player and trips herself. Huh?

Stele wrote:

Wow, just walked right through Alex. 0 play on the ball. No foul?

Referee has allowed a couple of things that should have been whistled. Then again VAR didn't chime in...

Stele wrote:

2 great saves. Damn.

Nederlands GK is player of the match so far.

The officiating has been hot garbage. We should have had a penalty from that foul on Morgan. Lavelle was mugged by four orange jerseys and there was no call. Play essentially stopped for a couple seconds because even the other team knew it was a foul.

Kicked in the shoulder, yeah might want to f*cking check the replay

Stele wrote:

Kicked in the shoulder, yeah might want to f*cking check the replay

I am SHOCKED that the penalty was given.

If I don't see a crapton of Rapinoe statues appear across the country, I'll be disappointed.


Prederick wrote:


Rose PUNISHED them for backing up and giving her so much space!

That was capital N Nice.

EDIT: Also, keep your godamn foot on the gas pedal.

EDIT v2: I did not realize when I posted that that she had scored in the 69th minute.

Also, even down 2-0, the Netherlands GK has been fantastic today.

Aww, I wanted multiball.

Prederick wrote:

Also, even down 2-0, the Netherlands GK has been fantastic today.

So many 1v1 opportunities she has saved.


Dutch keeper definitely MotM for me.

World-class run and goal from Rose Lavelle! Such an amazing player. Our future is bright.

Ref was still trash. Glad VAR stepped in on the high boot, but they should have done so on the previous foul on Morgan in the box.

Who gets the Golden Ball? I would vote Lavelle, personally. Actually, Tobin Heath would be a great choice.

I am both quite happy the USWNT won, and that the rest of the world is clearly closing the gap.

They're not quite there yet, but it is very good.