May 20 - May 26


IMAGE(   Felix “War Lore” Threepaper

Welcome folks, and happy “What the hell just happened in the Australian election?” week. You may all commiserate by pouring out a Foster’s (seriously, pour that stuff out; it’s bad) and blaming the opinion polls. And Queensland. Anyhoo, by a complete coincidence this week, most of the releases are about looking to the past rather than dealing with an uncertain future.

Super Tennis Blast is an arcade-style tennis game. It’s retro in its look and feel—no motion controls here—is made for couch co-op, and does what it says on the tin.

American Fugitive is a top-down game like GTA: Chinatown Wars where you are on the run from the cops. Because it’s a video game, your methods of escape include firing bazookas at police helicopters and exploding their squad cars. So, it’s less the “slip away unnoticed” kind of escape and more of the “start a small land war” kind.

Team Sonic Racing is a Sonic kart-racer, capitalising off the massive success of the recent Sonic movie trailer.

Back in 1995 seeks to recreate the vibe of classic PlayStation mystery/adventure games—y’know, all those ones that you forgot about since Resident Evil came out. It’s so faithful to the PlayStation’s aesthetic and gameplay, I do not think I could bear to play it.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is also out this week. There’s a good Three Moves Ahead episode on the Three Kingdoms as a video game setting; though if you’ve listened to that already, you pretty much know if you’re getting Total War: Three Kingdoms. Creative Assembly have tweaked the Total War formula to take into account the half-myth/half-history of an era filled with larger-than-life characters. It’s added Crusader Kings-style personal interactions between each faction’s generals and people. It also has two game modes: Romance, where your leaders can assume their mythical superpowers, or Classic, which is more down-to-earth and more like traditional Total War. You’ll either lead your faction to unite the Three Kingdoms, or get a comprehensive history lesson in the attempt. GOTW.

Here's the list, now in release-date order!


  • 05-20

  • Picross Bonbon - Nonogram
  • Blades of Worlds
  • Beetle Elf
  • War of the Seraphim
  • Wolfgate
  • Project Katharsis
  • Reflex Aim Trainer
  • Neon Boost
  • Sometimes to Deal with the Difficulty of Being Alive, I Need to Believe There Is a Possibility That Life Is Not Real.
  • WeLOVE
  • Rescue bomber
  • Super Welder
  • Gotou Ikka no Kotou Satsujin Jiken
  • Tornado!
  • Age of Darkness: Die Suche nach Relict
  • Badland Caravan
  • Story of Monster
  • Skywalk
  • Saloon VR
  • Rubble Rush
  • PrincessGuardiansParodyH
  • Plasticity
  • Plague of Days
  • Axan Ships - Low Poly
  • Red Gate
  • missed messages.
  • Amortizer Off-Road
  • Xue Yi
  • Incredible Dracula 3: Family Secret
  • 05-21

  • Age of Defense
  • Fission Superstar X
  • Team Sonic Racing
  • Observation
  • Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland
  • Feud
  • Space Warfare
  • Worse Than Death
  • American Fugitive
  • ICan
  • Neptunia Shooter
  • Arkady Survive
  • Instinct: Survival
  • Fade Out
  • Sarah, you are way too heavy
  • Easter Clicker: Idle Manager
  • The Illusory abyss
  • Prototype-CUBE
  • Old Edge III
  • Most Correct Football Simulator
  • Infinitely up 4
  • Cities: Skylines - Campus
  • Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis
  • Bigfoot: The Secret Life
  • Vader Immortal: Episode I
  • 05-22

  • Mechanic Miner
  • Dumb Little Creatures
  • Legend of the Assassin
  • Reverse Momories
  • Splitgate: Arena Warfare
  • Fortress of Hell
  • Great Toilet Simulator
  • Fat Dude Simulator
  • Embrace the Three Kingdoms
  • BAFF
  • Caliper 2
  • Death Jump
  • Ecchi Puzzles
  • Downtown Drift
  • Skat 3D Premium
  • Seeker of Adventures
  • First Day
  • 05-23

  • Pathologic 2
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms
  • Overlanders
  • Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! HD
  • Blood will be Spilled
  • Cosmic Crush
  • S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster
  • Clam Man
  • Balancelot
  • Vampire & Monsters: Hidden Object Games
  • Conglomerate 451
  • Blonde
  • Orc Raid
  • Mortadelo y Filemon: El sulfato atomico
  • Wave Circles
  • Last Hope Z - VR
  • ZIC - Zombies in City
  • Fool!
  • Abstract
  • Tricky Fox
  • Anthropomachy
  • Fantasy Hero Manager
  • Monster Catch
  • Long Z-Night
  • BeiJing Courier Simulator
  • Eleven Eleven
  • Awesome Jazz Clicker
  • 05-24

  • False Front
  • Without A Roof: W.A.R.
  • RIP
  • Golden Key
  • Hopper Rabbit
  • Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper
  • Alternate DiMansion Diary
  • Who Are You, Mr. Cooper?
  • The secret of FYNDEMOOR Park
  • Moonbuggy
  • Legion of Scorn
  • Dungeon Bosses
  • Nominader
  • Earth Missile Defense System
  • Project One: Harold wa Tsuraiyo
  • Avis Rapida - Aerobatic Racing
  • Rummy 3D Premium
  • Into The Core
  • Ballade2: the Celestial Promise
  • Drumpf: Presidential Dating Simulator
  • Armadusa
  • Homeless Simulator 2
  • Fatty Space
  • Spikes Are Dangerous
  • Tiger Tank 59 I Volcano
  • Flux
  • Diamonds for Beauty
  • Pick Up a Girls
  • Click Legends
  • 05-25

  • Pact with a witch
  • Click & Click
  • Weaving
  • 05-26

  • Pushtastic


  • 05-20

  • Team Sonic Racing
  • 05-21

  • Back in 1995
  • Observation
  • Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland
  • Dauntless
  • American Fugitive
  • Killing Floor: Double Feature
  • Slay the Spire
  • Skelly Selest
  • Virtual Virtual Reality
  • 05-23

  • Alternate Jake Hunter: Daedalus - The Awakening of Golden Jazz
  • The Last Door: Complete Edition
  • 05-24

  • Dollhouse
  • Super Tennis Blast

Xbox One

  • 05-21

  • Team Sonic Racing
  • Dauntless
  • Fission Superstar X
  • 05-22

  • Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God
  • The Last Door: Complete Edition
  • 05-24

  • American Fugitive
  • Super Tennis Blast
  • Skelly Selest
  • Minion Masters: Forced to Duel


  • 05-20

  • World Soccer
  • 05-21

  • Team Sonic Racing
  • Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland
  • Resident Evil 0
  • Resident Evil
  • Resident Evil 4 HD
  • Assassin's Creed III Remastered
  • Resident Evil: Origins Collection
  • 05-22

  • GunLord X
  • The Last Door: Complete Edition
  • 05-23

  • American Fugitive
  • TT Isle of Man: Ride On The Edge
  • Wonder Boy Returns Remix
  • Star Sky
  • Heroine Anthem Zero: Episode 1
  • My Lovely Daughter
  • 05-24

  • Back in 1995
  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization - Deluxe Edition
  • Skelly Selest
  • Super Tennis Blast
  • Hungry Baby: Party Treats



  • 05-21

  • Back in 1995


  • 05-21

  • Everybody's Golf VR
  • 05-22

  • A-Train Express


“What the hell just happened in the Australian election?”

Welcome to the past few years of life in America. It's fun! Enjoy!

(Fwiw, polling data in the 2016 election were spot on, it's the pundits who read it all wrong.)

A-Train Express

On VR?!? That's awesome! I thought it was getting a "normal" PS4 release too (don't know when), but I can see there being a huge overlap between VR users and train sim users. Seriously.

Team Sonic Racing

So, reviews haven't been so hawt, which is expected. I'm curious on how word of mouth ends up because I imagine most reviewers played the game solo when it's clearly not meant to be (see: Team).

I enjoy myself some kart racers and have enjoyed earlier Sonic racing games, so I'm in ... likely at Christmas as a gift for my oldest.

The Oculus Quest is launching on May 21: while many of the games are ports of existing Rift and Go titles it is its own platform.