The Sims 4

Eve Spiritus is now pregnant!

Eve had little Abigail Spiritus after rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night (naturally) in the middle of a blizzard. All returned home safely. Adam went to his gardening job in the morning and had a very unusual experience there with a plasma-sucking plant. So strange!

Had some great sims experiences last night!

Abigail Spiritus is now a toddler and progressing nicely. I randomized her trait when she aged up and she got "wild child" which means she is more energetic and likes being outdoors. She's a very happy toddler and mostly behaves well, but periodically she takes off all of her clothes and walks around, even venturing outside naked in the snow. Her parents usually catch her at it and tell her stop taking off her clothes, but so far the behavior continues. It's hilarious to me, but probably not so fun for Adam and Eve.

So once the weekend was over, I switched back to the house of Count Vladislaus Straud and continued working on his science career and J's mixology skill, and then...THEN...!!! Winterfest!!!!

It was the BEST day! I had them decorate the whole house with Winterfest decorations and then J invited over his entire Mixology club, which were about six or seven humans, for a grand Winterfest meal. I didn't have Vlad invite any vampires because they have trouble eating human food and get sick. So J cooked up a huge feast after everyone arrived and they all gathered around Vlad's huge table for a big ham dinner. Vlad of course tried it and got sick so just started talking about Winterfest and singing Winterfest songs.

After the meal was over, the entire group started cleaning up, and not only did they clean up the meal, but the entire house as well!

Then I had them all gather around a huge present stack to open presents and everyone had fun opening presents. Then they ALL together sang Winterfest songs around the fireplace with the remains of the presents on the floor and the lit Winterfest tree nearby.

Around 8pm all of the fireplaces in the house suddenly went dim and Father Winter appeared! He handed out presents as well and hung out for a bit with the group, and then at midnight disappeared back up the chimney. (He actually walked into the fireplace as he vanished, so neat!)

At that point, J ended the gathering and so all of the guests went home, and then Vlad and J had their own, more romantic, time together to end the whole day.

Everything was just so perfect and no pressure!

Vlad got abducted again and enjoyed the experience and the household celebrated New Year and today is the first day of spring. A few days ago, Vlad and J adoped a German Shepherd named Maximus. He looks fierce and likes to bark a lot, but he actually has a very friendly personality and tends to be a scaredy-cat ( He is potty trained and I found out that dog poop can be used to fertilize plants!

I have future plans of moving Don Lothario into his own place in San Myshuno. He is friends with Vlad and J and so I really want to get him set up as the ladies man he's always wanted to be, and I feel like he really needs his own place versus living with the Caliente family.

Vlad now has finally grown a cowplant! Yay! Since it lures sims to their doom with cake when not fed, he has it down in the basement near his science lab behind a locked gate that only he can access. Being a vampire, he is not tempted by human food, so everyone in the household and visitors should be safe from it. He's in the process of growing another one so that the current cowplant won't be by itself (though I did put in some Sixam fly traps in the enclosure as well.)

But growing the cowplant gave me an idea for my alphabet legacy family. Since Adam is a gardener and will also need to grow a cowplant for his aspiration, I am going to have them start a cowplant death cult and he will build a temple on his property. Then as each sim in the family reaches adulthood AND the heir has produced children of his or her own, the older generation sims will offer themselves as sacrifices to the cowplant and hence die and become ghosts.

Then the younger generation will commit to having the ghosts rejoin the household and then these ghosts will move to somewhere and live normal "lives" as such, but as ghosts! I think I will give them all short lifespans too so that it won't take so long to build up this ghostly community. Maybe these ghosts will have a whole lot with a larger temple devoted to cowplants. We shall see!

The cowplant idea is also good for making sure most of the ghosts are adults instead of elders since elders are a lot more limited in the game.

Of course, the rest of my sims world will likely view these cowplant devotees as a bit strange, but then what else is new when it comes to sims?

Oh dear, it seems that Vlad got abducted one too many times and now he's pregnant!

Also Vlad is having some recent trials with Caleb Vatore, though it's not either of their faults but mine. I ran into a relationship bug where no matter how high the relationship bar between them, they were unable to be friends. The internet said that I would need to destroy the existing relationship to fix the problem, so now both the friendship and romance bars are both in the red and they are Declared Enemies. Vlad is now going to need to completely ignore Caleb until all of that decays away and they completely forget they ever met (the game does relationship culling). Then supposedly they can build their friendship normally.

I'm just not sure how long it is going to take or even if it really does work.

Managed to finally invite the ghost that kept haunting the lot into the household. Haven't decided if he will live in the manor long-term or if I will move him out to some other lot. A new ghost is haunting the lot now, so I suppose she has the haunt job that he used to have.

The tutorial seems to keep on going. Or else I'm missing something. Maybe I'll just skip on to the actual game and go with the flow.

RnRClown wrote:

The tutorial seems to keep on going. Or else I'm missing something. Maybe I'll just skip on to the actual game and go with the flow.

I don't even remember the tutorial! I think there is an option to turn it off in the settings.

Going with the flow seems like it would be more fun anyway!

The dog, Maximus, ran away but came back after a day or so needing a bath.

And Vlad just had a purple baby cool! Named him Xerxes Straud. I looked in in the family tree and it says the mother's name is "Senior Pollination Technician #4" and she is purple too! I wonder if this baby will inherit any of Vlad's vampire traits.

It seems I've run into the same relationship bug with Caleb's sister, Lilith Vatore too. I think I am having issues with them because Straud met them before the patch that fixed the bug from happening, but did not fix the existing issue.

As it is going to take forever for Straud's relationships with both of them to decay naturally, I have a plan, but it's a scary one.

First I am going to have Straud get the vampire ability to Drain Life Essence, and then I am going to have Straud mix a Cure Vampirism drink at the bar and throw it at Caleb to "slay" his vampirism, turning him into a normal sim. After he is "mortal" again, I will have Straud drain his life essence which will wipe out all of his memories of any relationships. Things will go back to before he ever met anyone. Then I will have Straud immediately turn Caleb back into a vampire.

The cost is pretty big considering that Caleb is a Grandmaster Vampire now and will very likely go back to being a Fledgling, so he will have to work back up to it from the very beginning. Secondly, he will have to regain all of his relationships with his sister and nieces/nephews.

But it should all him to make friends with Straud as normal after all of that.

If it works, I'll do the same thing with Lilith.

But I suppose since vampires are always doing weird things anyway, it won't seem all that unusual to any other sims who may be watching.

It seems like it worked. Drained away Caleb's vampire spirit and erased his memories and then built up a relationship normally until they became friends! Yay! However, it seems there is a cooldown period on using vampire powers on him, so I will need to wait until that's done before I can have Straud turn him back into a vampire. If all goes well, Lilith is next! Then I can play their household and get things back to normal with all their relationships.

Hopefully these are the only two sims affected, but at least now I know how to fix it if I come across it again.

On a negative note, Vlad keeps trying to use drain life spirit on his partner J and I keep clicking it off. I'm concerned I won't catch him in time, so once he is done with fixing Caleb and Lilith, I will reset all of his vampire powers so that he no longer has that one. I think I will also remove it from the other vampire in the neighborhood who has it as she has used it autonomously and wiped out the memories of one of Vlad's co-workers simply because she had the misfortune of trying to visit Vlad while a Vampire Council meeting was going on. Since Vlad is trying to get 20 friends for an aspiration reward, she created extra work for him since he had to make friends with her all over again.

I'm so happy! After the cooldown period, I had Caleb invite Vlad over to the house and then asked him to turn Caleb back into a vampire and he agreed. There was another waiting period of a couple days before he fully turned, but then when I went into his vampire powers menu to see if he had any points, I found out that he had ALL his points from before AND he went right back to being the Grandmaster Vampire that he was! He is back to his normal self again and no longer bugged. The only thing is for him to rebuild any other relationships he lost.

Now I need to do the whole process over again with Lilith, but now I know for certain that it works!

Then I can get rid of that mind wipe power from Vlad and any other vampires that have it so that they can't use it autonomously.

I think the worst thing out of all of this is playing the Vatore household for so long with only one vampire since they have 3 babies and one toddler living there and so when Lilith went to work and only humans were left to care for all of the children and they all wanted to sleep, it was super crazy. So I determined that before I messed with Lilith, I would get Caleb completely back to his normal vampire self since I didn't want to care for all of those children with no vampires in the house (since vampires never need to sleep.)

All my vampire - relationship issues are now fixed, though I don't believe it really had anything to do with the vampire part, but just that I've been playing the vampire families. All vampires that were "cured" to fix the problem that should be vampires are back to being vampires again.

So then I felt safe to age up Vlad's baby into a toddler and then had to spend a bunch of time trying to figure out the whole alien form thing when I was trying to customize all of the outfits. I *think* I have it figured out now finally! It seems that the alien form is always going to be "naked" and bald and cannot be changed, while the alien disguise can be changed to anything and can wear clothes in all categories.

So things were all starting to get back to normal when suddenly Vlad gets abducted again! What the....? I had alien abductions turned off on the satellite!

Then I checked the satellite, and somewhere in the midst of all of the switching around families and everything, abductions were no longer turned off. So then I hoped and prayed he didn't come back pregnant and well, guess what?

He came back pregnant. Again! AAAAAAAHHHHHH

Now I only hope and pray he doesn't have more than one. Yikes!

Vlad just had another baby boy, Xeno Straud. While Xerxes was a purple color, Xeno appears to be a light blue or bluish-green. They have different mothers, but both mothers are Pollination Technician #3, so not sure how that works in alien social structure.

On a different note, I'm really loving the Science career. Even though Vlad has reached the top of that career track, I still love going to the job with him and doing all the things there. I'm also slowly upgrading the science lab and I put in a style chair so I could redo the regular clothing of the Lab Techs working there so they don't appear in town in ridiculous townie fashion. Each time I visit there with Vlad, I do a little bit more to spruce things up a bit!

It's one of the hidden areas of the game so the only time it can be visited is when a sim goes there to work. There is a picnic area near the highway though, so you can see regular neighborhood sims visiting there and cooking on the grill.