The Sims 4

Been itching to get back into the sims and decided to go with The Sims 4. Been playing for a bit and think 2 and 3 might be overall better games. The sims 4 has better smaller pieces like better vampires but 3 has a better world which is a bigger deal than I thought it would be. With 4 you are playing in a smaller box.

One of the interesting thing is I forgot how much the sims attracts new players and women. Lots of mods to change sims to have different body types and skin tones. So there is higher than average number of female POC doing youtube videos with sims that represent them. And the age range is all over the place. I would have thought the community might be mostly family friendly, it was for the original sims, now it is kind of adult.

Kind of funny now that I think about it. I have dropped many dudes for being overly vulgar on youtube. Maybe games just attract vulgar people in general to a higher degree than other things like cooking channels. It was funny seeing such a wide difference in people mostly unable to go two sentences without cussing or saying something sexual.

Back to the game itself. I'm happy to see the modding scene has open up. One of the reasons I stopped playing in the early days of three was because EA locked down the modding scene by not releasing modding tools. Even now there are more mods for 2 than 3 and 4 combined. However, you can do a lot more now than when I left. There are a endless number or clothes not just recolors of EA stuff. One young lady said she had close to 30 gigs in mods. hmmmm but now that I think about there are probable 30 gigs worth stuff from EA but that would cost hundreds of dollars. Kind of crazy the number of times I heard someone say they bought all the DLC. The whales for this game is probably huge. I think I recall this being one of the most profitable series of all time.

Anyway having fun but might drop it and go back to three.

If anything I need a good pose mod for portraits. I found many pose mods but none really good for portraits.

Hope you didn't pay too much for it, as The Sims 4 has went free on Origins for a limited time!

Bit broken right now if you go through the store page (only says send as gift), but if you add it to your wishlist then go to that it will let you add it to your library.

yep bad timing for me.

Never bad timing.

Sims 4 is amazing.

Hah! Apparently I own it, somehow, already. Who knew!?