MORDHAU - Catch-all

Didn't see a Mordhau catch-all and this must not stand!

First time I've felt like I am playing Bushido Blade in forever!

Anyone else taking a deep dive on this one?

I just bought this! Man, I'm bad.

Is there any teambased combat, like in Mount & Blade, Warband?

There's 3 modes as far as I can tell. Free for all (which I havent touched). Then there's a Ticket based Team v Team, with capture points. Lastly there's a PvE mode where waves of increasingly difficult computer controlled enemies spawn. In that last mode, you start with no weapons, and armor . You find equipment on the battlefield.

It's also a lot more class based then I thought it would be. I've been using a trapper class, and killing people by laying bear traps in heavily trafficked routes of approach.

Okay - now I am interested! Used to love the team based modes in Warband, storming a castle and such!

My biggest gripe so far (other than being bad) is that the Teams are the classic Red and Blue. But there's a lot of arterial spraying going on, and it shows on the models. So if someones been fighting a lot and hasn't died yet, they may end up head to toe in blood. And covered in blood, a "blue" team could look red. After valiantly defeating 3 or 4 guys only to have me accidentally mistake him for the other team and run him through with a pitchfork.

Is it weird I look at that like a feature, not a bug?
They managed to incorporate the intensity and confusion of the battlefield.

Seriously, though, jump into a server that says Duel and just ask people on there to help you learn.

It opens up once you realize you can block fairly easily and how to 'chamber' your strikes.

All about throwing off someone else's timing.

BTW, feel free to add me on steam.
Same name there.

Pressing H will bring up a friendly marker over heads if your having trouble.

I've been playing for a couple weeks now and enjoying the game. A lot of hijinks and sillyness can occur and there's a much higher skill ceiling if you find yourself addicted.

By the way there are actually five game modes (which you can find the other 2 through the server browser) which include Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Most Deathmatch servers let you practice 1v1, though I've seen it break down into crazy people running around smacking everyone and everything.

I'd love to see a GWJ Mordhau night, like the old TF2 days. It'd make learning the ropes easier. Adds all around.