Madden 20 - It's Showtime!

I mean, with Mahomes on the cover, I'm all in on the game, even if it stinks to high heaven. I'm all in on being a Mahomes fanboy.

Apparently there is a new commitment to franchise play this year.

Game Informer: Madden NFL 20 Makes A Recommitment To Franchise Mode

To be honest, I really don't care. I stopped playing franchise modes years ago. They are all mostly bad. I went bak to playing sports games the way I did for most of my life, playing one off games, either solo or head to head. Madden is just a strategy game based on football, and it is fun. It's not a sim. And, really, it's never ever been a sim.

If you look at it as more of an arcade football game, honestly, it's fantastic. MUT provides a simple way to play with your favorite players while building teams around certain strengths. The fact is, even this week I am still plugging away at my MUT team, which I just pushed to an 88 OVR. Still get wiped out by most online guys, though.

And this game, while trying to be more realistic, seems to kind of do the opposite with their new superstar abilities.

Here's how it works: There are around 140 Superstar abilities in the game (Ed. – text originally listed 70, but this was an error). Some players have none, some have multiple abilities. These abilities are shaped by real-life players' skills and in-game player archetypes. Thus, you aren't going to see a slower, bruising running back get abilities related to more nimble backs.

Here are just a few examples:

-The Slot Machine ability gives the receiver better separation at the line and catching ability versus contact for short routes from the slot position. Vikings receiver Adam Thielen has this ability.
-Pocket QBs like Tom Brady with the Protected ability get more time in the pocket from their offensive linemen engaged in blocks during dropback passes.
-Rams' defensive tackle Aaron Donald has The Fearmonger ability. This lets him apply pressure to QBs even when Donald is engaged in a block.
-Some are dependent on the time and the game and situation. For example, Brady's Clutch ability not only reduces the requirement for him to get in the zone (more on that below), but also makes it impossible for him to be knocked out of the zone halfway through the fourth quarter in a close game.

Most of these abilities have counter-abilities across the line of scrimmage, so that there are no automatic victories on the field, but you obviously want to pay extra attention to these players. To this end, players with superstar abilities will always be marked so everyone knows.

What caused me to start the thread now was seeing Mahomes abilities in a pic on Twitter.


I'll be playing. I'll probably double dip and play it on the PC and the Xbone.

Now that the Browns may be fun to play, I might pick it up this year (PS4))

Haven't played in years, but I'll follow to hear if it's any good.