GWJ Conference Call Episode 656

Days Gone, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Steamworld Quest, Forager, Imperator, Amanda's Trivia Gauntlet, Your Emails and More!

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This week Amanda unleashes her trivia might upon hapless and unprepared Shawn, Sean & Julian

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Days Gone continues to sound like a game I continue to have no continuing interest in playing. That's how I felt before the internet collectively decided that.

Fwiw, I don't like Ubisoft open world games and find it takes a very special action open world game to interest me in a post-Breath of the Wild world.

I've been playing the heck* out of Dragon's Dogma on the Switch and in this post-BotW world I'm amazed how similar the two are or how much BotW took from DD, which is something I hadn't considered before. DD is an amalgamation of all the good action RPGs that came before it was originally released, so has a bit Souls, bit Skyrim, bit Monster Hunter. It's Japanese Skyrim with a good combat system and a bit of Far Cry 2 happenstance. And I'm playing it on a handheld now. It's great and so far the best game released in 2019 that I've played.

*For me in my current life, at least.

00:03:03 Days Gone
00:09:50 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
00:15:45 Steamworld Quest
00:25:07 Forager
00:29:05 Imperator: Rome
00:38:36 Trivia with Amanda
00:58:14 Your Emails

Forager is a Humble Original. I wonder how long it will be before it ends up in a monthly bundle...

I think I’m sold on Days Gone (Thanks Certis! And I mean that sincerely), which I didn’t think I’d be saying.

I’m going to wait on it, though. I’m still working my way through Xenoblade Chronicles 2. When I’m done with that, I’ll look at Days Gone.

garion333 wrote:

...and a bit of Far Cry 2 happenstance.

I'm always up for more happenstance in games.

Riffing on the difficulty topic. What impresses me is when you play the first area of a game and find it incredibly challenging then, when you return later, it is shockingly easy (I'm not thinking of games where you level up and return with a level 30 character to an area with level 2 enemies. More when your character stays essentially the same only your knowledge of the games systems or your skills using your given abilities has improved.) It means that the developers knew what would be the right amount of challenge for you as a beginner in that early part of the game even though, to them, knowing the game inside out, it would feel way too easy. That mustn't be an easy thing to get right. The temptation to go back and say, this is way too easy let's nudge the difficulty up a little more, must be very, very strong.

Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance and DA 2 are some of my most played games of all time! I get a couple friends together and play through each of them at least once a year.