Totally Accurate Game Genre Simulator

Inspired by the goofy Early Access game, "Totally Accurate Battle Simulator", I'm here to present a product of a quiet day at work and a voracious appetite for creativity tonight: Totally Accurate Game Genre Simulator

If you click the link here it should open up a WebApp that will allow you to generate a "new" game genre based on a set of inputs.

Let me know what your favourite new genre is! What are the mechanics? Main characters? Is it fun?

*Edit: Link should work now, growing pains!

A little on the technical details

It takes the following as inputs:

  • Game Exemplars
    • Zelda
    • Metroid
    • Dark Souls
  • A Suffix
    • -like
    • -lite
    • -esque
  • Game Genres, Buzzwords and Prefixes
    • VR
    • Turn-base
    • Royale

I want to keep the mystery alive for a bit, but eventually I'll update the OP with the actual input lists. Feel free to suggest additions in the mean time!

I learned a lot in the 3-4 hours it took to make this. I'd never used Binder to host my Jupyter Notebooks, figured out how to use Appmode to hide all my code so there's just the Generate widget left, and finally made a Git account! It was a fun evening of exploring, hope you have fun with the results!

Some of my early favourites:
Assassin`s Creed Horror Management - It's like Gravekeeper Simulator but comes out every year in exciting new grave locations. Danger lurks in the cobwebbed corners of your hay-wagons and leaf stacks

Guitar Heroesque Text VR Sports - Think VR is the future? Why not throw back to text adventure games, now with IN YOUR FACE SCROLLING TEXT. Compete against your friends in VR to be the ultimate plastic instrument, typing champion!

Super Marioesque Crunchy Third-Person Combat Fighting - Find the combat in traditional Nintendo games boring? This DEEP fighting game has layers and layers for you to dive into all while taking a unique view point on the classic Nintendo Characters with a beautiful Over the Shoulder look

This one however, may be a winner:
Batmanborne VR Fighting

If it can beat out: Assassin's Creed Horror Party Sportsgame which bhchrist correctly pointed out would abbreviate to AssCHaPS: The Game

Falloutvania First-Person Novel
First Person Novel... Isn't that just a diary?

Baldur`s Gate Action Rhythm (I'm picuring a DDR/Just Dance live combat VR)
Minecraftborne First-Person Cardgame (The cards are blocky and hard to read)
Elder Scrollslike Third-Person Shooter (describing my gameplay)
Assassin`s Creedborne Third-Person Stealth Educational Shooter (it's... accurate)
Dark Soulsesque Racing Survival MMO (save a cowboy, ride a demon, idk)
Diablolike Fantasy Cardgame (shut up and take my money??)
Guitar Herolite Physical Horror (It's just one continuous Tool video)
Super Smash Bros. Idle Trivia Top-Down Action (Do you mean Mario Party?)

Guitar Heroesque Battle Horror
Just hours of trying to nail Monster Mash

Civilizationesque Tactical Puzzle Wargame
So...Civilization I guess...

God of Warlike Racing Crunchy Royale
I don't know what this is but it sounds delicious.

Batmanvania Idle Puzzle
So that would be all the Riddler stuff.

Portalborne Crunchy Real-time Management
I think I would play this.

BioShock Trivia Adventure
I would DEFINITELY play this.

Team Fortressborne Top-Down Movie
Because everyone knows TF2 is all about the hats, so let's stare at hats for 2 hours

Super Meat Boyvania Interactive Battle Horror
Super Meat Boyvania is the new flavor from Chef Boyardee

StarCraftlike Logic Educational Wargame Combat
I've wanted a a game for a long time where you code different RTS AI's and compete against opponents. This sounds like it

The Sims Text Survival
The survival part is trying to keep your sanity after reading all that Simlish

Skraut wrote:

StarCraftlike Logic Educational Wargame Combat
I've wanted a a game for a long time where you code different RTS AI's and compete against opponents. This sounds like it

Little off topic but you do realize people compete in self programmed AI's for SC BW and SC2 quite often.

AI ladder

Yeah, I've seen some of those. I was thinking more of a game designed from the ground up to have player written AI, even if it was as simple as some flowcharts or something. So that you aren't competing just against a half dozen other teams who have also tackled the problem of either controlling the game directly, or controlling input etc, but instead taking advantage of things built into the game to do that.

Assassin`s Creed Text Cardgame Just right for bringing a bit of ancient murder to the weekly Bridge game

Minecraftesque Physical Cardgame Novel

I'm seeing a series of CYOA game books that use physical cards instead of dice or whatever. A bit like crossing the Fighting Fantasy books with legacy games (or 7th Continent). The Minecraft angle suggests that it was an attempted capitalization on the popularity of the game, and therefore mildly successful with school children but mostly forgotten some years later. Alternately, it's a construction-themed game. Maybe just in the books, or maybe it's like the Skylanders series and the books and cards are augmented elements that trigger stuff in the digital game?

Team Fortressvania Top-Down Role Playing
Yeah, why don't we have more top-down metroidvanias? I guess the platforming is a part of it that only works from the side perspective, but that didn't stop Risk of Rain 2 from being good. A real-time Lost-Vikings-esque team-based metroidvania RPG could be cool.

V1.01 Patch Notes - PIGEONS
*Note Original Link still works too*
Publishing patch notes is fun! Added a bunch of new games to the generator, tweaked some of the back-end percentages and logic so it should make slightly more normal sounding games in genres that loosely make sense. The new feature this patch is the "X".

  • Games added: 'Dead Cells', 'Hollow Knight', 'BattleTech', 'Monster Hunter', 'Slay the Spire', 'Donut County', 'Subnautica', 'Destiny', 'The Witcher', 'Superhot', 'Hatoful Boyfriend', 'Skyrim', 'Stardew Valley', 'Overwatch', 'Dragon Age', 'Rocket League', 'Dream Daddy'
  • Logic changed: Moved some of the less "established" words out of "Genres" and into "Prefixes". Words like "Battle", "Fantasy", "Competitive" will only appear before the genre
  • More Prefixes Added: "Mobile", "Physical", "Retro", "Pixel Art", and "Realistic" will now appear
  • Adjusted Word Order: "Game" will now appear at the end of each generated TAGG Simulation. This helps the title's seem a little bit more real
  • NEW FEATURE! "X": Added a chance that on a TAGG Simulation will create a game "mashup". In these cases you'll see 'Game Title 1' X 'Game Title 2' which adds a little bit of extra flavor to the generation

I may make another incremental update adding new words or a feature tweak or two. As for a feature Roadmap, the two things I have in mind build on each other. They are code named: TAGTS and TAGCS. Hopefully TAGTS will be out within a month!

The Simslite Hardcore Permadeath Combat Adventure Game

So the sims then, but we make 'em fite.

Doom Educational Adventure Game

Use barrel on stock
*You have created a shotgun*

Use shotgun on demon
*The demon explodes*

Stardew Valley'X'BattleTechish Racing Wargame Game

So I quit my dreary job and moved out to the country where I could run my own farm, mine my own ore, manufacture my own Battlemech... and race it.