Days Gone Catch-All

Hey everyone, it's me, biker man. This is the catch-all for Days Gone, the new open world exclusive game on the PS4. No reviews (until Thursday I think) but seems like folks are streaming and posting video.

I'll likely pick this up on Friday if the reviews are strong enough. I've a feeling it will review consistently around the 7-8 mark. I'd like to support Sony Bend, they've had a long development & poured their hearts into this, it be nice to see some good success for them when Day's Gone releases.

The only real reservations I've had are the lack of impact from bullets when shooting freakers & the bike physics looked a little floaty. I'll reserve judgement until I play it though.

The most recent story trailer had me way more interested as Deacon as a character too, I thought this might have been way more run of the mill until I watched that.

May want to hold off, Spikeout. Reviews are rollin' in.

5/10 Gamespot
6.5 IGN
"Ugly" "Miserable" on Waypoint
7.75 Game Informer

Looks like finally getting around to the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC I missed might be a better move.

Yep was looking on metacritic there & there's too many 6's & below, even though there's some very good reviews in there. Don't think I want to drop £50 on it & be annoyed that its average, although I spent £35 on Kingdom Hearts 3 & its baaaaad :p

Maybe when they patch Days Gone a good bit & it drops to around the £20 mark, might be worth checking out.

I've been watching for this since a friend of mine told me it was high on his list of 2019 releases.

The footage I saw - from an E3 a few years ago, I believe - didn't look promising. The best 3rd person games look very good now (Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead), and this didn't.
Also, the premise felt... clumsy. A biker-based Last of Us-alike?

It seems that the critics agree. Perhaps the bar for 3rd person action games is too high for Sony Bend, who have been exclusively portable games for the last decade or so.

I should say that I too have a soft spot for, and sympathy for, Sony Bend. They were the Dev Team handed the thankless task of providing the early action games for Sony's portables. Syphon Filters (Dark Mirror, and Logan's Shadow) for PSP, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the Vita.

And they did a good job. Metacritic confirms my memory that these games were pretty good for a early games on new handhelds. Scores in the 8s out of 10. With the exception of Resistance: Retribution , they're all games I'd happily play again.

Days Gone Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Days Gone - Easy Allies Review

Judging on reviews and impressions I am intrigued by the resource management, and the threat assessment. Which route to take. What time of day or night to go out. Stop to refuel or push on. At what distance to hop off the motorcycle and go on foot. Fight or flight. I feel these aspects could provide an engaging gameplay loop.

Less appealing is the seeming lack of depth to our protagonist, or the companion(s). Perhaps there's a worthwhile discovery concerning the outbreak, or to humanity forging a path through. Or not. I've yet to see a compelling hook as to why to bother with the how, as much as the latter seems somewhat appealing.

I was thinking about getting this day one, but will wait now. On to Rage 2.

Giant Bomb "Quick Look". It's over an hour long. Vinny is in the...driver seat. Mike Mahardy from Gamespot, Abby, and Alex are there. Vinny's actually fairly positive on it but he's only about 5-6 hours in.

Jim Sterling has a good impressions video too.

Hmm, I had my eye on this, but them's some mixed reviews.

Has anyone here played it? I tend to nit trust reviewers since they just plow through games as quick as possible.

I ended up pre-ordering this as a B-Day gift. Wanted to support Sony Bend since they are a "Local" small developer. I've only spent an hour or so worh it, but as soon as I get a better grasp on it I'll share my time with it

I caught up with a few acquaintances yesterday and they spoke highly of Days Gone. Another on social media was talking it up as well. The story was being well received along with the atmosphere. Quite a contrast to the mainstream. They've got me interested now.

I played this a bit last night at a friends house.

The game was "fine". He "someone that has not played any of the top 3rd person games" loved it. Although he has not played a lot of open world games either. Walking around everything was not super crisp but did not feel clunky. Visually it was decent but nothing was amazing. Combat seemed fine but did not stand out. Pretty standard open world mechanics. I did not see enough to comment on the story.

From talking to people it seems like it is a competent open world game that is just a lot of the same. Which is fine if you are into those things. I just would not expect any big innovation and it might a bit samey in the open world feel/mechanics. However, this also explains why media are not overly hyping on it. Personally I am going to pass but I am not a huge open world fan unless it's something like HZD which super crisp mechanics which are important to me.