Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Privateering-All


So the new game from Double Damage, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, is coming out this year, and it might be one of the best games of its kind in at least a decade. I've got over 20 hours in a pre-release copy, and I can't stop playing it, so please feel free to ask questions.

Also, here's a recent stream Travis Baldree, the game's creator, made the other day:

Now, to business!

Edit: It'll be on the Epic Store for a year exclusively before Steam:

This game is gonna be so awesome. Can't wait.

DD really knocked it out of the park with the original, so I'm feeling pretty optimistic with Outlaw.


Sundown wrote:

1) How good does the controller feel?
2) How well does the dogfighting auto-tracking feature that lets you keep a bogey mostly in your sights work?
3) How much variety is in the different mission types? Do any stand out?
4) On a scale of 1 to Space Truckin', how space truckin' is GRO?

1. Amazing. Fluid, right. I was worried at first that it might feel too arcadey or something, but it just feels perfect.
2. It tries to keep the bogey as close to center of your view as possible, but it's still up to you to properly aim and shoot your weapons, so it's not a full autopilot or anything. Think of it as an enhanced "match speed" functionality.
3. The few story missions I've played are pretty varied, but the side missions come in all shapes and sizes, such as sourcing cargo or taking given cargo to a destination, saving convoys, patrols, finding pirate listening stations, bounties and so on. This is along with distress signals, random encounters, tips from bartenders that have you exploring parts of systems you might not otherwise visit, mining and much more. I'm 22 hours in and nowhere near bored.
4. So, so space trucking.

Hey Veloxi, did you get a chance to try out k/m controls?

That's the direction I'm leaning if it's viable with dogfights, etc.

Conversely, how does mouse + keyboard feel?

I hope they don't give up on Rebel Galaxy. The 2 styles of game can coexist. In fact it would be awesome to combine the two at a future date. (would love to get the custom paint job tools into RG...)

Is there a more varied loop than Rebel Galaxy? I liked Rebel Galaxy but it was very one-note.

I've been asked only to use the controller for the time being, so I can't comment on mouse / keyboard controls. Ultimately it'll be able to support everything from mouse / keyboard to a full HOTAS, so I'm sure I'll be able to try them and report back eventually.

The loop is so much better because there seem to be more mission types, distress calls, random encounters and other things to do. I've barely touched the story in 22 hours. It's been almost all side missions. So fun.

How is the soundtrack?
I still listen to songs from the first game.

Soundtrack is even bigger this time, much less repetition. I've admittedly mostly stuck with one radio station though.

Wow, didn't realize this was out already, though I'm going to wait for it on Steam. Eager to hear additional impressions.

It's not out. I have a pre-release copy to help with testing and bug-fixing.

Also, let's try to, if we can, keep epic vs steam sh*t out of this thread, if possible. If you really want to wait a year until it's on Steam, fine, but we don't need to drag what's become a toxic topic in here. Let's just try to focus on the game itself please.

Sorry, wasn't trying to bring that here, just laying out the time frame in which I'll get the game.

Nevin73 wrote:

Sorry, wasn't trying to bring that here, just laying out the time frame in which I'll get the game.

I know, just plugging that hole before the flood comes in.

Subbing to thread. I haven't played a spaceflight sim since the days of Wing Commander, Privateer, and TIE Fighter, but I'm ever nostalgic for them.

This is as close to a true sequel to Privateer as I've ever seen. (We don't talk about the garbage fire that is the actual Privateer 2)

This looks really good. I've seen enough to know I want it day one.

JeremyK wrote:

This looks really good. I've seen enough to know I want it day one.

Yay!! Thank you!

RG was very endearing considering it was made by like... 2 people? But I lost interest about the time you get out of the first star system. I'm very intrigued by what they can do with more experience, more resources, and more Blues Saraceno.

The systems pretty big, but more varied and full of stuff, plus you'll get tips from bartenders for stuff to find off the beaten path, so there are plenty of reasons to go back. With the autopilot, they feel smaller because you're spending less time than using sublight (which is there as an option if you want) but they're actually pretty big and full of stuff like asteroid fields, nebulae and other stuff to discover. I've been to almost a dozen systems now, with several more to see.

Liked the first. I'm probably in.

I tried to go to that Twitch link but only got a black screen. Can you recommend a good YouTube video or two, and maybe even embed them in the OP for all who come after me?

Weird, I just loaded the Twitch video just fine. Let me see if there's a YT version. I think there is.

Veloxi wrote:

This is as close to a true sequel to Privateer as I've ever seen.

That’s an exciting sentence. I’m even more stoked that I get to play on Switch :3

Looks like they're doing a twitch livestream in an hour or so?

Is it more or less directed than Freelancer?

Less. You can pretty much avoid the story if you want to. Freelancer would eventually force you to do it.

Also the stream showed off the Durston!!!!!! Yes!!

I see the FAQ says you can’t play as a capital ship, but do you fight any?

Sure do.

Watched some videos. Game looks excellent. This makes me so nostalgic for the old Origin games. Fun fact: I first used "Fedaykin" as my nickname for Wing Commander 1.

I did notice in the FAQ that this game has been announced for PC, PS4, and Switch, and is explicitly not coming to Mac and Linux. Hopefully that means it's coming to Xbox but isn't announced yet.

Of course, I've never played one of these with a console controller before. Hmm...