World War Z Catch All (Left 4 Dead Clone)

Looks a lot like Left 4 Dead. Xbox One, PS4, Windows
Coop play

My kids are excited about this game. They enjoy L4D and it's fun to play it with them. This looks like you kill a LOT of zombies. Rivers of zombies with tons of weapons.

PS4 Launch Trailer


Strangely, didn't see a thread when I searched for world war z. Found one on a game called infestation (the warz).

Wow that looks crazy! Definite L4D vibe. He’s a little screechy but I really liked that streamer too!

I'd never seen him before either. My son showed me that video. We used to play L4D2 together. I have pre-ordered the game and then if it's good, we'll get 2 more copies for my two oldest. Thankfully, they can still meet the minimum requirements. Probably would have gotten it on PS4 but local co op isn't supported.

Wow, I really needed a game like this to come out. Killing Floor and Vermintide weren't cutting it lately. It was a pain to find for PC with Playstation pretending everything is an exclusive, and being on the Epic game store. At least it's only $35.

Picked this up too. Releases on PC tomorrow. $35 sounds about right.

Was looking at picking it up, but have no interest in installing Epic’s craptastic spyware game client on my system. I’ll wait for a Steam release, or maybe just skip the PC version entirely and get it on Xbox One.

Does look kinda good. A thorough review from ACG as always:

I wonder whether the title associating it with the book and the Tom Cruise movie helps or hurts this game from a marketing standpoint?

I thought I read a month or two ago that Turtle Rock or some of the people involved with L4D were making a new L4D-esque game on their own. Is this that, or was that something else?

For me it hurts it. As interested as I am, I can't really get past that it's based on the Brad Pitt (not Tom Cruise) WWZ movie.
Turtle Rock Studios are making a new L4D-esque game, Back 4 Blood

Looking forward to this one on pc!

Played a bit over lunch. I would not be surprised if they got sued for copyright infringement. It is so much like Left 4 Dead. I played a mission in Moscow and it reminded me a lot of getting gas cans in the mall. Very similar sound cues on boss zombies, too (not that they are the same sounds but same idea and effect). There are areas of the map to explore that are blocked off but you can, I assume, access them later. I played solo because I was unable to connect to the server. The game looks fantastic. It plays well. The weapons have a good feel and sound. The AI party members are not brain dead. I didn't encounter any bugs or other issues. I was able to alt-tab out of the game without it getting all messed up (yeah). I imagine I'll be getting a second and third copy for my kids so we can play together. Overall, I really liked the 30 minutes I spent with the game so far.

I'm Dakhath on the Epic Store if anyone wants to team up

I’m kind of all in on the Epic store so I am probably going to pick it up specifically because it’s on there. Steam needs some competition. And this game looks pretty great!

My son played on my account for a while and is really enjoying it. So much so that I had to make him go do homework so I could play.

I’ll get it next week on pc.

Add me under Delbin12.

I watched a stream of this last night on dlive while waiting for my database import. They did an amazing job capturing the flowing tidal wave of zombies from the movie, and the game looks and plays fantastic. It's definitely L4D3 though, right down to being abandoned on a rooftop by helicopters.

Is there a cover mechanic? I'm curious about this being 3rd person. Else, are you able to switch to 1st person?

So any maore reports from folks who have picked it up? Is the co-op working very well and does it have decent matchmaking?

I've been eyeing it, will probably get it this weekend. One thing about the Epic store is that their social stuff is way under developed. Is there a way to tell what games your friends have? Obviously kind of important for a game built around co-op. And I'm assuming most are getting it on PC?

I'm Docjoe on the Epic store btw.

I will be watching out for this on xbone.

PaladinTom wrote:

Is there a cover mechanic? I'm curious about this being 3rd person. Else, are you able to switch to 1st person?

No cover system. No way to switch to 1st person (other than snipers). However, when you are aiming you are pretty zoomed in.

Put about 3 hours into this with Crinks/Kazar yesterday.

Overall it is a Left 4 dead that does some things better some worse. The special zombies feel much more blah and are direct ripoffs (not that I care) from L4D. The shooting mechanics are very on par. There are new defense portions of missions where you can setup defenses although in set locations. Fun and different. Heavy weapons are fun. The fact that you have progression and unlocks on weapons/classes is fun. In general the class system seems to be pretty interesting and nice change of pace from L4D. Other than special zombies this one zombies die easier but there is a lot more of them. The horde mechanic where they climb on top of each other like the movie is pretty cool.

Two big negatives for me.

1. You are unable to play online in a private group and close to public if you have empty slots. Out of 6 chapters we did I think we had a random join in 3 times. The other 3 we had bots for the others. We would prefer to have only people we know or bots but there is no current option for that.

2. When we were playing with two of us the NPC's would just both follow 1 person. Which is annoying with a few objectives being split would always get a 1 - 3 split not 2-2. Other than that NPC's were "fine"

Did not get Kazar's opinion but I know both Crinks and I enjoyed it and will play more. It is certainly nothing super mind breaking but it is enough of a change and it's been a while since any new L4D content.

This is all Co-Op only. We have not tried MP yet.

Edit: I am glad steam has competition I really am. However, Epic store has long way to go to come close to Steam. All 3 of us had complaints just buying/installing using the client. Nothing that stopped us obviously but annoyances. Crinkle had issues paying, I was unable to see how large it was and would only give a % of download not speed or size left, and Kazar could only install after Satisfactorio updated and could not change the order.

Some quick (probably obvious) tips from playing the last few days.

Playing on normal or hard vs easy is totally worth it. You get more gear points from losing on hard than winning on easy. Going to a higher difficulty will usually mean playing with better players, too.

Upgrade your starting weapons as soon as possible. A lot of them do enough damage to one-hit-kill zombies with just a single upgrade.

The Fixer's supply bag is really, really useful. It instantly reloads your weapon with explosive ammo when you drop it and when you use it. Usually if a bull spawns, I'll drop one and kill him in a few shots. It's also useful with shotguns and other longer-reload weapons. The tier 3 shotgun with explosive ammo can take down a tower in a single magazine.

Melee attacks are very strong. On easy you can kill a bull pinning someone in a couple swings. Oh, and bulls are vulnerable from the back. I didn't notice that until later.

Static defenses you pick up earlier can sometimes be used on the final phase. I usually keep an auto turret on the easier swarms if I find one. It's also good to save breaching charges until you're in an area with static defense points, since the hidden rooms will have extra static defenses.

I think the section in New York where it's raining zombies might be a seminal gaming moment for me. The scale and number of zombies they've managed to get working on this engine is truly astounding.

If anyone want's a code (PC) for this game i got one that i won't be using my self. Have no interest in it, so thought someone on here would put it to good use.

Code is has gone to EvilHomer3k.

Might want to crosspost here, that's our main key givaway/trading thread.
I'd take you up on it myself, but I am 100% certain I would never find the time to play it.

DanielMeier wrote:

If anyone want's a code (PC) for this game i got one that i won't be using my self. Have no interest in it, so thought someone on here would put it to good use.

PM'd ya, if it's still available.

Dunno if anyone interested but there's a new map out.

Dakhath wrote:

Dunno if anyone interested but there's a new map out.