GWJ Conference Call Episode 652

Sekiro, Baba is You, Final Fantasy VII Switch, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, Risk of Rain 2, Just One More ... In The Franchise, Your Emails and More!

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Pressed for time a bit this week, but Shawn, Amanda and Julian manage to carve out some time to talk about what franchises we wish had another kick at the can.

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00:01:20 Baba is You
00:08:50 Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
00:12:35 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
00:13:39 Outward
00:15:20 Final Fantasy VII
00:19:19 Risk of Rain 2
00:22:00 Guildmaster Story (mobile)
00:23:53 Game Franchises We Wanted More Of
00:36:13 Your Emails

The game Amanda was talking about is Adventures of Lolo.

It's on the Switch's online NES catalog if yall want to check it out.

Which she figured out later in the show.

Moving on.

I’d play another Uncharted if they changed it up a lot and


had Nathan and Elena’s daughter as the main character. I feel like the end of the game was setting that up but then I felt the same about Sam Fisher’s daughter and, so far, I’ve been wrong about that.

I desperately want another Splinter Cell. The odds are looking good.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s multiplayer is something I discovered very late in the day. It is asymmetrical, with one team as guards and the other as spies trying to infiltrating a base and download data from terminals. Soon after buying the game I tried it out for ten minutes and found that I couldn’t spot any spies as a guard or, conversely, hide from the guards as a spy. I wrote it off for well over a year before giving it another go. This time, to my amazement, the multiplayer clicked and I had some of my best multiplayer experiences hiding inches from patrolling guards and thwarting those sneaky spies.

I was also late to Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood’s multiplayer which was uniquely thrilling with it’s ‘spot the human player amongst the AI’ mechanic and Battlefield 4. I was close on four years late trying BF4 (which gives me a different perspective when people say they are worried that a five day late start will leave them hopelessly behind the curve when it comes to competing online.)

I opened up the Baba Is You stream far enough along that Shawn and Karla were spouting the game's vocabulary like native speakers to the point where I was thinking, "This is like the episode where Captain Picard ran into the guy who kept saying 'Darmok and Jalad.'"

There are three games I want new editions of but I have zero faith in the industry to to a good job with them.

Gungrave: Overdose deserves a sequel, and I’ve heard rumors that one might be in the offing. If the three it’s the one that’s most likely to be decent, but I’m not preordering anything.

God Hand is one of those games that modern developers will probably learn exactly the wrong lessons from and emphasize the things that made that game not work as opposed to the things that make it work. Given my druthers, I’d shell out for a full HD remaster provided they touched nothing but the graphics.

Finally, and you knew this was coming, I’d love for someone with proper respect for the subject matter to make a new Duke Nukem game. I’ve played Duke Nukem Forever four or five times at this point, including the single-player DLC and the Bulletstorm Remaster , and I am ready for more Duke but I doubt anyone will make the IP work these days. If they make one that’s too tongue-in-cheek, I don’t want it because the comedy of the series only works if they play it straight (See: Matt Hazard), but if they play it so straight that they forget it’s supposed to be a joke then it won’t work either (See: Rogue Warrior, which was a fun game but wasn’t Duke.)

garion333 wrote:

The game Amanda was talking about is Adventures of Lolo.

It's on the Switch's online NES catalog if yall want to check it out.

Which she figured out later in the show.

Moving on.

Lolo! Was coming here to say this.

Amanda's "City of Heroes" wish might come to fruition. Not sure if she's heard of these, but there are at least three spiritual successors in the works:

Ship of Heroes (Which I believe is the furthest along in development.)
City of Titans
Valiance Online

There's only one game/franchise I want to come back again for another try and that's Ogre Battle (SNES) / Ogre Battle 64. I don't care if it's a direct sequel or a "spiritual successor" but I would drop money no questions asked on a game like that. Nobody has even tried to make a game in the same style since Ogre Battle 64. The story and characters would have to be just as good as the N64 version though.

I would like to see a modern take at Black&White.

A modern Fable would be nice.

I want a modern Ice Breakers!

I feel like a game that should get another chance, because it had good ideas, is Brink

I was really excited for Brink until the reviews killed any interest. I agree. It was a very cool concept.

Late to the party, I'm super behind on my podcasts.

doubtingthomas396 wrote:

Bulletstorm Remaster

I was just waiting for someone to mention Bulletstorm in the topic. I would love to see a Bulletstorm 2. I'm not holding my breath, but .... yeah. It'd be nice.

Also, Shawn mentioned wanting Dragon Age to move away from the whole "Chosen One" structure. Might I remind everyone that that's what they tried to do in Dragon Age 2 and a lot of folks absolutely hated it. In DA2, you're basically just one person fleeing the Blight and trying to make a life for yourself. You do rise to a position of prominence in Kirkwall in the span of those 9 years, but essentially, you're still a "normal" person. And they got a lot of flak for that.

Also, I liked Mass Effect: Andromeda. All 80 hours I spent in it. And I was so bummed the DLC got cancelled. So, so bummed.

Also, Julian, HL2: episode 2 was 17 years, so not quite 15 years, but almost.