What book is this?

Goodjers, I come to you in humility and supplication.

My girlfriend is trying to find a book that she read years ago. The plot as she remembers it:

Chumpette wrote:

Well-to-do husband and wife (possibly lawyers?) move into high end gated community. Several neighbours are missing various body parts (hands, feet) the richest man in the land is a fan of safari as such has many trophy’s from African excursions. People are going missing after a while, come to find- rich man is poaching people for sport.

Any thoughts and/or prayers out there?

All that comes to mind is the short story Most Dangerous Game or maybe the film Society.

I found a page that lists adaptations of Most Dangerous Game. (that book comes up 9/10 times in searches for hunting humans):

There is also an extensive list of films on the subject:

I hope that helps you narrow your search.

Might be worth checking the literature examples on this TVTropes page.

You could also try asking on /r/TipofMyTongue. I've found them to be helpful for these sorts of questions in the past.