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April 1 – 7


IMAGE(   Felix “Space Oddity” Threepaper

Welcome all, and happy “51st anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey” week! You may all celebrate by playing a game with brutal AI and an underwhelming endgame.

I know there’s a tradition of doing jokey, fake stories on April 1, but these days it feels like that already happens every day. I’ll spare you the pranks today, and just get on with shouting out some games.

Serious Sam fans may be a bit excited to see Serious Sam: Tormental on the list, but it ain’t a sequel; it’s a spinoff. The devs have turned publisher and farmed out the franchise for a top-down shooter. Tormental is entering free-to-play Early Access this week, and may be one to try if you want to be part of the QA team.

FAR: Lone Sails is a side-scrolling, post-apocalyptic, landship-driving game. There’s no combat, just exploration and managing your vessel. It’s interesting to see a post-apocalypse that isn’t teeming with critters and conflict.

Gearbox is having a bit of a “Remember us?” moment. Last week they released a trailer for Borderlands 3, and this week the publishing arm is pushing some stuff out the door. Most notable is some DLC for We Happy Few. Roger & James in They Came From Below introduces a swarm of killer robots to Wellington Wells, but will it be enough to get folks to jump back in?

If you love flight combat sims, but hate all that annoying flying around and dogfighting, if you wish you could concentrate on only the most fun part of flying: landing the dang plane, then F/A-18 Carrier Landing has you covered.

Some games (I’m looking at you, Portal and Spider-Man) have a core mechanic and execute it really well. Others just throw everything into the pot and hope that it tastes good. Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing is the latter. You play as the captain of a spaceship, managing your ship by assigning crew to various areas, FTL-style, while also steering and shooting. But you aren’t flying randomly around space; instead, you’re competing in a Running-Man-meets-Survivor-type reality show where you face off against other ships in an arena, having battles and races and whatnot. Now, this is where the “meets Survivor” bit comes in: you win the competition by getting the other (AI controlled) competitors to ally with, and vote for you. Sound complicated? Imagine doing it all in VR. Bow to Blood comes out of VR this week into broader release, and it’s such a hodgepodge, I have to give it a GOTW on general oddity principles.

Here's the list, now in release-date order!


  • 04-01

  • Microtransaction Simulator Game of the Decade: Deluxe Edition
  • HomeGrove
  • Origami Flight
  • Public FK
  • Boobs vs Zombies
  • Grandmaster
  • Bears in Tanks
  • Three Kingdoms of China
  • Find the Oil Racing Edition
  • Ishizue no Tate - AEGIS -
  • Carreras de Velocidad
  • Latangerine Last Journey
  • To Catch a Monkey
  • BLOCKADE Classic
  • Sex & Gun VR
  • Witch Ring Meister
  • DriftKing 2D
  • Super Catscape
  • Impossible Spell Card.
  • International Affairs
  • Picross Floof
  • Stage of Light
  • The Adventures of Golly
  • 04-02

  • Serious Sam: Tormental
  • Sentinel Zero
  • Blades of Worlds
  • VoidGate
  • Poly Defense
  • Brood
  • DoraKone
  • Zakk Hazard The Deadly Spawn
  • Cyber Rage Retribution
  • Progress Bar Simulator
  • Hexa Path
  • Russia 2019
  • The Cinema Rosa
  • Stop Cats
  • Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl
  • 04-03

  • Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing
  • Protocol VR
  • Fant Kids Animated Puzzle
  • Linehot Putin: All Stars
  • Easy puzzle: Animals
  • krAsAvA Shot
  • Pixel Art Monster - Color by Number
  • Pigocefal
  • Snipiyo
  • Terrawurm
  • Valley Of The Moon
  • Beat Miner
  • Sexy Miss
  • 04-04

  • Steel Division 2
  • Fantasia of the Wind 2
  • Happy Anime Puzzle
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission
  • The Woods: VR Escape the Room
  • Little Lost Robots
  • Death Mark
  • The Second Chance Strip Club
  • Totem Force
  • Lifeless Vanguard
  • Alice in Stardom
  • 4DSnake
  • Chaos Starter
  • Hope For Village
  • Human Rights
  • Galactic Campaign
  • Demon Hunter 5: Ascendance
  • Owyn's Adventure
  • Trial of the Towers
  • Vengeful Bat Dungeon Crawler
  • Der Atom Nazi
  • Observers
  • We Happy Few: Roger & James in They Came from Below
  • 04-05

  • notmycar
  • Rules of The Mafia: Trade & Blood
  • Infinite Art Museum
  • Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey
  • Mistress of Maids: First Castle
  • Virtual Battlegrounds (CyberDream)
  • Static
  • Aussie Battler Tanks
  • Pirates Outlaws
  • Bot Battles
  • Block Puzzle!
  • Chocolate makes you happy: Easter
  • Candy Adventure
  • Moonstone Crossroads
  • Endless Car Chase
  • Pineview Drive - Homeless
  • Killer Chambers
  • EURGAVA - Tomb of Senza
  • Plane in Hole
  • Retro Racing City
  • Shadow Run
  • Neon Cat Tickler
  • Snowball Rush
  • Survival Frenzy
  • Un-Dead Raids V.R.
  • Stupid Quest - Medieval Adventures
  • The Crater
  • Triumph Island
  • Mine the Gold
  • Minions Battle
  • F/A-18 Carrier Landing
  • 04-06

  • Virtual Arctic Expedition
  • Do Not Fall!


  • 04-02

  • FAR: Lone Sails
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
  • Sword & Fairy 6
  • AngerForce: Reloaded
  • Sephirothic Stories
  • Monster Dynamite
  • Modern Tales: Age Of Invention
  • 04-03

  • Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing
  • Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition
  • 04-04

  • Skorecery
  • We Happy Few: Roger & James in They Came from Below
  • 04-05

  • Beat Blaster


Xbox One

  • 04-02

  • FAR: Lone Sails
  • AngerForce: Reloaded
  • 04-03

  • Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing
  • Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition
  • 04-04

  • We Happy Few: Roger & James in They Came from Below
  • 04-05

  • Frane: Dragons' Odyssey
  • Smoots World Cup Tennis
  • Royal Roads


  • 04-01

  • Darkest Hunter
  • 04-02

  • AngerForce: Reloaded
  • Bomber Crew: Complete Edition
  • Darksiders: Warmastered Edition
  • SpellKeeper
  • 04-03

  • Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing
  • Shadow Blade: Reload
  • 04-04

  • Pitfall Planet
  • The friends of Ringo Ishikawa
  • Mechstermination Force
  • War Theatre
  • Overwhelm
  • Smashing the Battle
  • Hob: The Definitive Edition
  • Sephirothic Stories
  • Pressure Overdrive
  • Royal Adviser
  • 04-05

  • Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
  • Godly Corp
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission
  • Monster Slayers
  • Circuits
  • Zombie Scrapper





I know there’s a tradition of doing jokey, fake stories on April 1, but these days it feels like that already happens every day.

Gawd yes.

I can't find anything interesting this week.