Triumvirate Episode 3

Welcome to Triumvirate, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers!

Our players, a Commedia dell'arte troupe, arrive in Rome in the year 1520. As the Pope attempts to rebuild Rome as the jewel of the western world, the Cardinals crack down on blasphemy and executions grow in number and spectacle.

This week the troupe faces personal trials and discover new abilities! For Unmarked fans, some extra special moments.

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Just listened to it. Immediately went to the start to listen again before the outro was done because I was freaking out during the 1st time through and probably missed things.

Predict a lot of re-listening in my near future, damn.

I am so excited about this series??

Post re-listed edit:


Are you freaking kidding me Mr. Sean freaking Sands pulling The Magician Card in this house, in this universe??

Tarot cards something something predict future.