Absolutely bizarre multi-monitor problem

I've spent all morning on this, and I'm no closer to a solution, so I'm hoping someone here has seen this issue.

On my work PC (Windows 7), there's one program that will ONLY display on my main screen and can't be dragged off of it. All of the other windows can be dragged around and placed wherever I want them, but this one specific program can't be. If I shrink it down to less than full-screen size and attempt to drag it off the monitor, it instead resizes to fill the half of whichever side of the screen I tried to drag it off of. (So if I try to drag it to the monitor to the left of the main screen, it becomes a half-screen window on the left, or if I try to drag it to the right, the same thing happens, but on the right side of the screen.)

Switching the primary monitor to a different screen in display settings moves the app with the primary screen, but it remains trapped. The Shift-right click menu Move option doesn't get around the problem, either.

Google searches for the problem are coming up dry.

Can someone help me with this? I've never seen anything like it, and I work in IT...

That sounds like the Aero Snap feature interfering with things. Does turning it off help?

Is it an older program? I use some old software at work that doesn't support dual monitors. One app stretches across both screens when maximized, the other will not drag over to the other monitor. Maybe try compatibility mode?

I even have a program that throws a warning if your resolution larger than 1024x768! After that, it works fine.

It is an older program - and furthermore it's a remote app, but the other guys in my department aren't having the same problem.

Disabling Aero Snap does nothing to alleviate the issue.

Did you get it fixed? If not, when you say it is a remote app what do you mean? Is it an RDP window or something like TeamViewer?

I never did get it fixed. It's an app running on a server and accessed at my desktop. It's not a HUGE problem, but it's really bizarre.