GWJ Conference Call Episode 649

Path of Exile, Hypnospace Outlaw, Iconic Sounds in Games, Your Emails and More!

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This week Cory, Julian and Sean talk about some of their favorite sounds in games! You want that Everquest ding? We got you!

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00:01:32 Path of Exile
00:17:43 The Division 2
00:20:45 Hypnospace Outlaw
00:22:49 Zelda: Breath of the Wild
00:24:45 Iconic Sounds in Games
00:49:58 Your Emails

Can we petition Paradox to add Sands' distorted "Oh sh*t" to the official EUIV declaring war sound?

Nice episode! I was surprised the Mario 1Up sound didn't come up. It is one of the first ones that pops in my head on this topic and I have heard it in a wide range of media lately.

Here is the link for the Engineering Eternity Path of Exile Beginners playlist.

I can't remember which song it is now, but there's an electronica song I love that has what sounds like a sample from Rez. Every time I hear it, I see Rez's vector-art in my mind's eye

Do Sony and Microsoft want to roll out a new console? No. But Nintendo didn't want to roll out a new console in the SNES era, but was forced to by competition with Sega and the same will be true when Sony and Microsoft announce their new consoles in 2020. They'll be doing that because they fear their competitors, not because they want to do it in and of itself.

Things that lived up to the hype for me:

Fallout 1 & 2
Jagged Alliance 2
Half-Life 2
Fallout 3
Civ IV
Both of Firaxis's XCOM games AND all of their expansions
The Witcher 3

Based just on what's in the backer build, Phoenix Point is looking promising, too.

All I can think of is this:

the true dark souls of video games.

The first thing I thought of, for iconic sounds, were Dragon Quest’s “stairs” sound effect and Final Fantasy’s victory fanfare. Shows you where my head is.

Until the guys played Amoebic’s pic (the Zelda one), I was batting .000. Hadn’t heard any of the others.

I can't locate a clip but the sound of the reaper ship taking off in Mass Effect 1is incredibly iconic. Apparently it was based on the sound of someone opening a large bear proof trash receptacle.

Also, now is the time for me to tell my Quake sound effect anecdote!

I read an article from someone touring ID while Quake was in production and the sentence that has stuck in my memory from that day to this was: 'Bob [or whoever] is trying to capture the sound of an ogre urinating as his chainsaw idles.'

There was an amazing phrase (completely unrelated to sound effects) that also came from that issue. A player said that, in multiplayer, they would fire a rocket into dark corners of the map just incase there was someone camping there. The term they used to describe that particular strategy was 'speculative rocketry.'