PAX East 2019 Catch All

Well, it's a little late to make this thread, but better late than never, I guess!

PAX East 2019 is 3/28 to 3/31 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Seaport.

Come for the gaming, stay for the Tamo meetup!

I will be there Saturday, but could do Tamo pretty much any night.

I will be there Saturday, but I can’t do an evening meet up.

Let me know if anyone is game to meet up for Lunch on Saturday. Maybe we can find something worthwhile in the food court.

I'll be there all weekend!

My wife and I will be there Friday & Saturday. We already have dinner plans both days, but depending on the timing of a Tamo meetup I’ll try to get there. Otherwise I’ll mostly be looking for folks to join in tabletop.

I'll be there all weekend, but doing the usual Enforcing.

I'm going to be there Thursday afternoon definitely. I'm going to buy a Saturday pass too, and I was hoping someone here would have an extra to sell? I'd love to meet up at the Tamo too.