Borderlands 3 Loot-All

Approach it however you like. Unfortunately the mayhem levels are the only way to increase difficulty, so you may have to rolls till you find a group of modifiers that are alright for you. At the very least you should turn on level 1 and roll for lootsplotion.

There are also the Takwdown challenges, which can be soloed, but are ment for a team. Feel free poke me to see if I want to help out on those sometime.

They have started rolling out some details for the next two DLCs, the Designer's Cut and Collector's Cut. Designer will be out first, with a "roguelike experience" and new skill trees (Cyro/remote orb for Amara, Shields for pets/AoE control for FL4K, Mini-Iron Bear pet for Moze, and a shoulder cannon for Zane).

How do you roll the Mayhem levels. I did notice they changed from one day to the next but I didn't see a way to "re-randomize" them. I got the loot explosion with level 2, but that was too much for me having just finished the main quest.

Press "Q" on the mayhem screen. Just remember to hit the "apply" button one the bottom left before leaving the screen once you get a set of modifiers you want.

I paused my playthrough of Krieg's expansion until the new Mayhem level is out. Early levels of Mayhem are fine but I'm currently at 8 on solo and it's just not that much fun. Mayhem 11 increases the difficulty and power of weapon drops but comes at a less weapon drop rate than Mayhem 8.

Thanks everyone for the tips on Mayhem.. I have a level-1 Lootsplosion so I'm set for a while I suppose

I just wrapped up the DLC. The last one, Psycho whatever, is my least favorite. Kind of a bummer the game ended on that one and no more story content for season 2. Overall, I preferred the experience of playing Borderlands 2 but I appreciate the technical improvements of 3

I still cannot understand why there is no junk button when picking up items. I’m surprised no mod is available on pc to do that. My least favorite part of the game is the inventory management.

So I have renewed interest in this game. I have tried the Snowblind Complex or whatever it is called. It is the core feature of season pass 2.
Anyways I fired up Moze to play it and while it does not matter who you choose since you get no skills, I looted an amazing legendary called Dark Army ++
It summons 3 drones that are copies of the gun that shoot for you. So now I run around and point at or position near things and my drones annihilate them. The bonus is that if you empty a clip, like all ++ weapons it will throw a copy of the gun that explodes like a grenade. But it also buffs your drones to fire radiation damage for a few seconds.

The gun is incredibly powerful but not insta kill. You do have to do some adjustment to get the drones to fire at the right things as they are slow to track moving enemies and fire at cover all the time. I really hope I can use this gun as long as possible or find another in the 30's to 50's.

I am actually really excited to see the other types of guns I can find in Snowblind Complex.

That sounds like an awesome legendary! I only got to level 35 for my FL4K so ill eventually get to the other classes as well.

I think my Fl4k is 50 or really close. They are the only one I've finished the campaign with.

Amara is 35ish and well into the last chapter of the campaign.

Zane was originally left at 19 but found some new life when I bought season pass 1 a few months back. He is 22 now. He may be 23 as he was the first one I tried Snowblind with. I was excited for the legendaries he found there but while they created screen chaos, they just chewed up ammo so my time with season pass 2 was short lived.

Moze fell to the same fate as Zane where she was stuck at 19. But all the stuff I was watching about Outriders made me itch for a looter shooter something fierce. So I unlocked Snowblind with her and found that legendary. I went back to the campaign and now she is 26 and about to leave Eden-6.

haha yeah exactly, the Outriders hype has me looking at BL3 again. Problem is Valheim, Apex legends, Overwatch and Warzone are also pulling at me. ugh!

I think Zane will be next then Amara. Moze just doesn't have such a strong pull but I will def give her a shot since, MECH!

I've finished the campaign and reached max level with FL4K and Zane (co-op).

I cannot get into the Kreig DLC. I'm probably over half-way through and it just does not grab me.

I think Zane will be next then Amara. Moze just doesn't have such a strong pull but I will def give her a shot since, MECH!

FWIW Moze's 4th tree turns the mech into a pet rather than a "mount" if you want to call it that. It would be awesome if it were permanent like Fl4k's pets but oh well

That reminds me that I have been meaning to try out Zane's 4th tree with his shoulder mounted weapon.

I've just been having so much fun with the new weapons found in Snowblind. Amara wasn't as high as I thought but she is 34 now and just killed Troy in the story. She looted a flamethrower in Snowblind and has not looked back. So much awesome!