Using CCGs To Teach Young Kids Reading/Math (and Gaming)

Apologies if this has been hashed out before, I didn't see anything...

I have a kindergartner who got super into watching me play M:tG Arena recently. A few days ago I had a parent/teacher conference and one of the big takeaways as always with these things is give your kid opportunities to learn reading, math, etc. at home.

I bought a couple premade Magic decks and am going to try teaching her but think it may be a bit too much for her at first. Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm having my step-kids bring their now unused Pokemon CCG cards over as I figured that may be a bit more her speed at first.

At least I'm smart enough to know VTES is too advanced for her for a long while. Heck, I've been trying to get my wife to learn that for almost a decade.

Thanks in advance!

what about tabletop RPG's like D&D (or similar)? Far lower barrier to entry , you've got your basic maths stuff in the mechanics, it involves cooperation and communication with others, you can make all kinds of handouts and puzzles for reading comprehension, maths puzzles etc,etc.

It's a lot cheaper, FAR less competitive and the rules are probably a lot easier to grasp, since the GM can handle most of the extra stuff in the background.

AND on top of that they get to be big gosh-darn heroes and fight monsters!

D&D is a great idea too. Like you said, works with cooperation, teamwork, communication and imagination. Sadly I don't have any RPG books anymore and while I'd probably have fun running a campaign of some sort for my kid, she probably wouldn't stick with it too long.

The reason I was thinking CCG, specifically Magic is she'd be seeing the same cards over and over again. I don't plan on diving in and collecting. Just getting some cards and helping her to start sounding out words like "Instant", "Summon XXX", etc. While RPGs are great, seeing the same words on the same cards over and over I think would help a lot.

Also being able to do basic math where you see the summoning costs and then calculating damage and such should help. If nothing else it gave me an excuse to give my wife to buy my first Magic cards in like 15 years.

Dungeon World is free online, a great intro to tabletop RPGs and more flexible than D&D in most ways. Tons of free resources online, too.
You might check out Keyforge for a card game.