RIP Jan-Michael Vincent

I love Airwolf when I was a kid! Apparently it was just released that he passed on February 10th. RIP.

Yeah, I read that. A month ago. Airwolf was a fun show, and he had possibly the weirdest cool name on TV: Stringfellow(?) Hawke. The rumor when we were kids in northern NJ was that one of the helicopters, Airwolf of Blue Thunder, was based on a real helicopter.

Huh. The helicopter from Airwolf crashed about a decade (or more) ago. Now Jan-Michael Vincent. Of course I thought he's been dead for years, but RIP.

Borgnine, as well known, went some years back. Looks like Alex Cord (Archangel) is still kicking at 85 though.

Ernest Borgnine was crazy there at the end. I remember a public appearance where someone asked him, on mike in front of a large audience at a state fair or something, what the secret to his longevity was. He replied and spoke at length to the crowd about the benefits of daily masturbation. That was the point where I knew he was pretty far gone.

Borgnine was bizarre in BASKetball.

MaxShrek wrote:

Borgnine was bizarre in BASKetball.

The most bizarre aspect of BASEketball was, like Southpark, if you look past the dick jokes there was scathing commentary on the subject matter.

While I wasn't an avid fan, I do remember a movie of his from my childhood. My dad and I had a tradition where he would take me on some father/son trips, usually to cabins where we could fish and canoe and such. Always during these trips, we would rent the movies mom wouldn't let me watch and one year it was all Charles Bronson all the time. We ended up watching The Mechanic three times because the ending blew my young mind. And I'll respect the man enough to resist posting the Rick and Morty video about him. RIP, dude.