Outward The Adventurer Life Sim

I didn't see a thread for this game on the forums anywhere and it recently came to my attention, so I thought I would start a discussion on it.

Outward is a survival RPG where you are nothing more than a regular person trying to survive in a fantasy world. You are not the chosen one, the Dragonborn, a reincarnated god, or anything of the sort. You are a normal person who inherits your father's debts and the tribe tells you you have five days to pay off the debts. With no other way to earn the money, you strike off into the wilderness.

The game uses a lock on combat system akin to Dark Souls with light and heavy attacks, blocking, dodging, and stamina. You wear down your enemies' defenses which lets you break their guard, opening them up for a brief time to score some free hits. They also have a magic system, but it is more "ritualistic" as they put it. To learn spells, you have to give up some of your maximum life and stamina to gain spells and maximum MP. One of the first spells you can learn is called "Spark" which creates a small spark of flame, not much more useful than for lightning a campfire. But you can craft an item called a "Fire Stone" which lets you create a circle of power that when you stand in it and cast Spark, it now produces a bigger flame akin to a fireball. This sounds really cool and an interesting take on magic.

Then they have a survival system on top of this. You need to eat, drink, and sleep. But you can't just eat anything. You cannot eat uncooked meat, which means you need to set up a campfire to cook the meat. Your need to sleep also plays an important role in the game. When you set up camp, you have to choose how much of the night you divide between sleeping, staying on watch, and repairing your equipment. You need that sleep, but without keeping watch, you could be ambushed in the middle of the night. Your gear also degrades as you use it, so it needs to be repaired and maintained.

I saw them also mention things such as the environment around you caring about the clothing your wearing. You will need warm clothes such as furs in the cold and snow, and wearing heavy armor in the desert will cause you to tire faster and suffer heat exhaustion.

The game is coming out March 26th for PC, Playstation 4, and XBox 1.

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Looks cool! One thing I'm really into is they also support coop, including split-screen coop so my wife and I could play together if the game is good. Forgot it was coming out this month!