Scanner Driver drive me up the wall

Trying to install a driver for the Innovative Technology ITNS-500 Scanner, and for some reason it's frotzed from the beginning. It tells me to "contact my camera!" or some poorly translated instructions, and aside from that nothing happens. Anybody have fun with this item or installing drivers like this before?

Are you using Windows 7? That particular scanner is no longer manufactured, and the manufacturer doesn't appear to exist anymore either. I've seen one place where a Windows 10 user indicated they were able to install it via Device Manager. They don't indicate what they did, but I'm guessing they opened Device Manager, clicked the unknown device, and told Windows to search for drivers for it online.

Hmm I don't know if I tried that. I've been annoying myself looking for the driver online. It's an old NIB I got for $20 at an estate sale, I've been meaning to scan my too big pile of negatives for, um.. many years, and took a chance.