[Discussion] How do we argue?

A discussion of ways to engage and debate with those on the other side of major social arguments

I don't know. If you told me that me speaking up to a friend about his or her (let's be honest; probably his) behavior and language had about a one in a thousand chance to change their mind, I still probably would. Sure, it'll probably end up going nowhere, but if there's even a chance I can make him think about how his behavior is impacting others, I think it's worth it.

A friend, yes. Those conversations can be worthwhile,
Someone you don't already have a personal relationship with, no.

I don't have anything insightful to add, but I wanted to say that I do appreciate this thread as someone who regularly has to attend Sunday dinner with my in-laws, who originally were opposed to the President during the primary but now love to carry water for him at any turn.

What complicates things is that now that I have a son, in time, I will have to explain to him how wrong his Granddad is for denying Climate Change.