GWJ Conference Call Episode 644

Metro Exodus, Apex Legends, The Division 2 Private beta, Getting Into Game Streams, Your Emails and More!

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This week Shawn, Sean Sands, Amanda and Allen talk about game streaming and stuff.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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As mentioned at the top of the show, we're adjusting the RSS feed in the coming days. It shouldn't affect your current podcast subscription at all, but we wanted to make sure folks were aware just in case something weird happens. Your app may also think there's a ton of new episodes once the switch is made. Sorry about that!

"Don't make it weird, though; I want the pants."

00:03:20 Apex Legends
00:18:08 The Division 2
00:24:50 Metro Exodus
00:47:07 Getting Into Game Streams
01:08:56 Your Emails

Cleaned up a background hiss on the show file and re-uploaded, if you haven't listened it re-grab!

Not going to lie, I am looking forward to Sean’s Dark Souls streams.

On the last two podcasts I have noticed someone (can't make out who) repeatedly yawning. I can't think of an obvious way to make you guys more interesting to prevent this from happening, but I may I suggest to this person to mute their microphone during the yawns so as not to put the listeners to sleep as well?

Obviously, the subject was very interesting to me, since I've been a Twitch Affiliate for over a year. The fun part is indeed getting a couple of viewers, a few regulars, and just chatting and hanging out. It's actually more comfortable when there aren't too many people, because you can actually keep up with chat and actually engage with your audience (which I felt I wasn't doing as well during the GWJ charity stream last week).

And I too am forward to Sands playing Dark Souls. (Shouldn't it be seven hours since we passed 7k? )

Glad you cleaned up the audio and re-uploaded, even if it was too late for me. I got the very strong impression someone was recording from a hotel pool, which I am surprised to realize is an audio profile my brain has stored.

Thank you guys for making me finally realize what attracts me in streaming and why I have this itch to stream myself.

That feeling of playing a game with your friends or watching your friend play while sitting next to them as we would do back in the day, this makes the whole twitch thing reasonable to me.

I don't have people around me who I would play a game with and my kids are too small for any of the games I play, so I want to recreate that feeling by streaming. Even though nobody watches me, the sheer fact of being online and open to anybody kinda reminds me of that.

I enjoyed your streams a lot and am looking forward to more.

I was really hoping you'd pick DS2 for Sean to play. Give or take pros and cons of each game I think DS2 has a much smoother opening few hours.

Things Betwixt --> Majula --> Forest of Giants is a pretty nice ramp.

I keep thinking I want to stream, but I don’t think it fits into my life. My house is small enough that if I’m streaming it means everyone in the house is too, and streaming after everyone goes to bed is just going to wake people up.

I may be speaking for myself, but I can not work my schedule around Twitch live streams. I work odd hours and never have a set schedule.

Mostly use Roku throughout my house to watch You Tube since that is strictly archived footage and I can watch what I want, when I can watch.

I do watch GWJ You Tube videos and have loved many of them.
My all time favorite was watching Dark Souls with Cory and Shawn. Would have watched more if there was more of them.

Unfortunately, Roku does not have a Twitch channel, so I default to what I can watch.
I could set up a Twitch account from my computer, but, when I get home, I want to sit (or lay) in front of a TV and watch footage from there.

Any chance you guys would consider uploading your archived footage to You Tube?
Really want to see Sean playing Dark Souls and catch up on some of your other videos.
Thanks and keep up the great work.

McGuit, you CAN watch Twitch on Roku, there just isn't an official channel since Amazon pulled it off (probably because FireTV competes with Roku. Check it out.

Did I miss the promised Discord-Link somewhere above?

drphiloponus wrote:

Did I miss the promised Discord-Link somewhere above?

You should find everything you need right over here.

As an MST resident here whose schedule means I can usually only watch GWJ streams live around 9-12pm MST, I'd definitely be down for some late night streams.