GWJ Plays: Sunless Skies


Sean Sands plays Sunless Skies!


I enjoyed that!

I loved Sunless Sea but after a particularly long run I couldn't face the long grind to get back to where I was. The drip of intriguing story kept me at it for a long time but ultimately the hits of finding new information become too far strung out to be worthwhile. Sunless Skies looks like it is more of the same.

This video is an very enjoyable taster of Skies but enough for me to see the similarities between the games are probably enough for me to skip it and just move on to Cultist Simulator.

I do wish there was a way to make things move a bit faster, but otherwise I'm enjoying its beginning a lot more than I did Sea (which I bounced off hard at first, but eventually came to love as I grokked what was needed (and I opened a Google Doc to keep track of what I needed where).