2019 NFL Offseason Extravaganza

Rat Boy wrote:
*Legion* wrote:

Steelers won't trade Brown within the AFC North or to the Patriots.

Guru can officially rest easy.

Unless they ship him to the Eagles and there's a really bad relationship between him and Foles/Certis. Or the Eagles give up most of their draft picks to make the trade. One of the two.

Or the team that picks him up makes space by trading someone good to the Patriots for a conditional 6th rounder

Antonio Brown is agreeing to meet with ownership to try and clear the air between them.

I think AB staying in Pittsburgh is the most likely option, even though he almost snubbed this meeting request. It would be one thing if his various legal issues weren't in play. But with those, the risk to a GM of acquiring Brown is much higher than it is for Pittsburgh's GM to keep him.

If the legal issues take AB off the field, well if he's in Pittsburgh, they had him and signed him before all this, the GM isn't on the hook for the fallout. But if you trade for him with all this looming over him and it bites you afterwards, that puts a GM in the line of fire.

That's why I expect the price a GM would pay for AB will be well lower than the value keeping him would be.

I don't think there's any risk of him sitting out games voluntarily. Hissy fits or not, he's under contract and not near free agency like Bell was, and he's on the back nine of his career. He can't afford to waste any years. He might be a diva in the Steelers locker room, but it's too costly for him to do anything drastic.

The NFL settled with Colin Kaepernick. They paid him somewhere between $60-80 million.

Yeah I guess he had nothing on you, right NFL?

Wow, that's crazy.

I guess that screws up the metrics a bit: paying $60-80 million to not play...

With that Kaep payout the NFL is really going to be up against the salary cap huh.

Good for him.

I'm curious how Kaep is gonna use that money now. Well, I'm also curious how much is left after it goes through his lawyers, but I'm interested in what he can do with that money to further stick it to the NFL, if only indirectly now.

Rat Boy wrote:

Sorry, NFL, you're never going to top the following signing, ever:

In case you were wondering about his name...

Apparently there was another team making a Flacco trade push, and it was Washington.

Well Washington, if you wanted Flacco, I've got a guy available for trade who's just as good...

Bortles in DC would be delicious. Doubly so if they massively overpay for him.

Oh man, I missed this a couple weeks back when it was announced the Pats are bringing in Greg Schiano to run their D. Whee! I thought this was only a rumor for the longest time, but it was made semi-officially in early February.

As an aside, the Pats are also hiring Carmen Bricillo to be an assistant OL coach behind Dante Scarnecchia. Bricillo has spent the past decade up the road from me at Youngstown State, but more interestingly he happens to be my boss's friend from high school. My boss is a bit ticked he has to be a Pats fan now, but I suggested to root for the Pats OL only and no one else. Apparently that suggestion had already been made and Bricillo told them all that when he gives them tickets they'll all be Pats fans for that game.

Via The Draw Play: "The call affected the outcome of the game. But it did not decide the game. Never forget the Saints also choked."

The essay is brutal. And the cartoon explains soooo much.

TL,DR: Haha Saints.

Rat Boy wrote:
Rat Boy wrote:

ABC to air two hours of the Underwear Olympics. First off, someone's probably going to have their hand on the cutaway button in case of accidental dong and second, why not brand this as the Wide World Of Sports and bring the whole thing back?

So I've been thinking about this a bit today and I can't help but wonder if this on top of ABC's simulcast of the already on two other channels draft might signal Disney entertaining the notion of moving MNF from ESPN back to ABC. Having it on ESPN these last however many years has ruled The House of Mouse, Iron Man, and Darth Vader out of contention for airing a Super Bowl. And the downgrade in prestige for MNF going to cable was made apparent the second the switch was made when Al Michaels and John Madden bolted for NBC's Sunday Night Football. Maybe now's the time for MNF to come on home to ABC while it still can.

Update: I'm right.

54 minutes, 46,000 punts.

Undoubtedly the best 54 minute video about punting I've ever watched.

Mr Bismarck wrote:

54 minutes, 46,000 punts.

Holy $#!^, I just watched a 54+ minute video on punts, with no alcohol at hand.

The final summary was actually quite surprising.

These guys are really good at this data visualisation stuff.

Mr Bismarck wrote:

54 minutes, 46,000 punts.

Undoubtedly the best 54 minute video about punting I've ever watched.

The channel logo is blocking most of the first letter so I'm convinced that this video is called "Shart Party".

Well, of course. What else could it be?

Brady won the Super Bowl last year, but lost to Bortles in a passing shootout.

Report: Robert Kraft facing prostitution charges. Now we got ourselves an off season thread!

Kerr said there is video evidence of Kraft involved in sex acts in a massage parlor on two occasions.


As insufferable as some Patriot fans I know (including a former childhood bully), it does feel good to know that their team’s leadership has shifted from immoral cheating douches into classic evil villains.

On the light lighter side...


Oooo, a CoD/Muppet Show crossover!