The GWJ Adventure Game Club - Game 4: Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth

I'm on Chapter 5. The first visit to Kingsbridge is definitely the slowest section, not helped by the fact that I really wasn't into the story at that stage. Now I'm into the characters and wanting to know what happens the chapters are starting to be quite brief. I'd much rather it had been the other way around; Shorter even perfunctory scenes at the start, to get me into the story, and them more involved scenarios when I was invested in the characters. A big motivating factor for me in games like this is helping guide characters I feel connected to through dangerous or mysterious situations.

To me it feels like the pacing of the early game is how they intended the whole game to be and either they realised that was a bit slow for modern tastes (i.e. me. I do wish I had more patience for games like this now. I suspect AA games have robbed me of it) or, more likely, they realised they didn't have the time to do the same amount of work on every chapter and so cut the length of some of the later ones. The story definitely takes some big leaps forwards 'off camera' that adds to that impression.

Keep the faith, Higgledy, that snowball rolling down hill effect happened to me, too, to the point that the end was one of the more moving experiences I've had with media recently.

I mentioned I'd been recommending this game to everyone I thought would like it, and this past Sunday I found out it worked on one of my oldest BFFs. How old? Well, he'd show me the new hotness, Space Quest V, when I went over to his house. He's slightly behind Higg, but noted another great little grace detail--everything Philip can think about at the Waleran's manor is "I can't do this."

Starting to get the same pleasures from this game I remember from reading the book. Operating pragmatically in the face of the harsh realities of a medieval life and slowly outmanoeuvring duplicitous men without sacrificing your own humanity.

I'm incredibly non-religious in my own life but I'm even enjoying dealing with monks and looking at the world from the perspective of a man who considers God and the Devil to be realities to be taken into account at every moment.

So I just started playing it tonight! About two hours in, finished the Prologue and first two chapters and I’m enjoying it! Looking forward to the rest, and will report back. So far, it’s very much in keeping with what I remember of the book and series.

Still progressing. I’m in book 2. Getting more and more invested as I go.

I've just wrapped up tonight!!! I'm really excited, I enjoyed it a lot. I'm going to let it settle and post with more extensive thoughts soon.

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