NFL 2018: Super Bowl 53

Another excellent punt

That stiff arm face plant fumble out of bounds is this game in a nutshell.

It's like the Rams shouldn't be in this game. If only there was another team kinda close to Atlanta that would of been better...

Run on 3rd and 22. Okay, McVay.

God I cannot wait for NFL Network's America's Game episode for this one.

Ugh cushy zone coverage. Yeah you should definitely get conservative after shutting Brady down all game, Wade.

The first Super Bowl that Red Zone wouldn't have covered live for the first three quarters.

Was that Carrie Fisher's dog?

The punters are not an option at, complete bullsh*t.

Maybe the really boring Super Bowl week should have warned us about tonight's content.

Whatever happens, no overtime

Time to turn it off. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Uh, Michelob?


garion333 wrote:

Time to turn it off. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Last time you did that, things got crazy!

Michelin trying to get in on the ASMR trend.

And now the refs want to go home.

Dante Fowler hands to the face penalty going to help New England kill the clock for the game.

Good on Romo knowing the rules of the clock stoppage on the declined penalty.

Guarantee most TV announcers would not know that.

That's gonna be the game.

Lamest Super Bowl ever.

Where oh where did Aaron Donald go?

The NFL's heading into its 100th season like most people at 100: not alive.

So ends the Boring Bowl.


Rat Boy wrote:

The NFL's heading into its 100th season like most people at 100: not alive.

Confirms my decision to largely ignore the NFL. Oh wow, another Patriots championship...

You know what the Patriots need? A Draymond Green.

Now I'm more annoyed at that blown PI call.. the Rams had no business playing in that SB.. well at least their Coach and their Offense. Hair Gel was also coach of the year last year.. when a coach playing in his first playoff and SB won it all with a backup QB. Interesting choice NFL.

f*ck Goff.. f*ck Hair Gel.. f*ck them both for allowing the Patriots to win yet again.


That was an event that happened.

DSGamer wrote:

When you step away from watching ANY football for years the Super Bowl literally looks like a giant advertising orgy that happens to have a sport played in between the commercials.

Is this what non-fans have always seen?

It’s basically the reason I’ve never been able to get into football. Every time I try I Nope out. Regular season and playoff games feel like this too.

Great, so not only will the big summer concerts during Giants' roadtrips f*ck up the outfield, so too will the Raiders:

I think we're done here.

Offseason thread.