Why do I want a bendable phone?

I have been seeing numerous articles about bendable phones over the last year and I can't understand why I would want one, could someone explain?

Oh and apparently The First Bendable Phone Is an Exciting Piece of Junk


Because you want people to see that you have a bendable phone? "I've got it and you don't!"?

I honestly don't know besides that. Where's the utility in it? For me, if it's not useful in some way (even for play) then novelty alone isn't enough to make something last. Flexible displays can be useful, but these first ones don't appear to be trying for that in any meaningful way. They appear to be aiming for use as a status item, which isn't interesting to me.

I like the idea of a phone-sized device on the go, but convertable to something bigger when I want to be entertained.

I'm looking forward to a new Nintendo 4DS.

Nevin73 wrote:

I like the idea of a phone-sized device on the go, but convertable to something bigger when I want to be entertained.

That is a good point, and one which the RAZR is aiming at. Even if the first iteration did that perfectly though, $1500 is STEEP for that. For people who have the money to throw around, it's an idea.

So you can bend it like beckham.

Or so you can double the screen size of your phone for work, games or productivity. Pretty much why you would want two monitors. The added screen size might be enough to replace a tablet. If you read comics on your phone having more space is always good. Same thing with most games. The bending part is not important the doubling your screen size is what is important.

I wouldn't mind seeing a much smaller version, where the phone was really compact and pocketable, but could be opened out to be as big as existing screens.

Yeah something that flips open to like the size of an iPhone but is half that size in your pocket would be great. The screen has to be seamless though. Really I would like something that is the iPhone or smaller in your pocket but then you can open to an iPhone sized screen or fold out to an 8" screen or so (think iPad Mini size).

Doesn't break when you drop or sit on it.

I'd also love to see the return of the flip phone. My current phone would fit into my pocket much better if I could fold it in half first.

I'd also be interested in something that's small when it's pocketed or just checking something quickly, then gets bigger when I want to watch something or generally have more real estate. The problem is that to get that functionality, you either need to have the screen on the outside, exposing both front and back all the time, or the big screen is on the inside, and you either have to open it to use it, or you need another screen on the outside. The first way seems prone to damage, and the other adds bulk and expense.

Or it ejects out the side of a small cylinder like in Tekwar!