Chrome suddenly laggy

Yesterday, in the middle of a browsing session, Chrome became very laggy. I/O and mouse pointer changes lag every few seconds for 1-3 seconds or so. I've tried disabling extentsions, wiping cookies and even changed to OpenDNS. No luck.

Anyone have any ideas? I don't go to weird destinations, and my malware checks come up clean. I don't see extreme cpu usage or memory usaged, but I run 9 tabs and I have noticed that Chrome opens about 30 processes related to those. Not sure if that is normal.

Its related to flash typically. Turn on click to play content.

That's been on "ask before playing" forever... Just tried turning off hw accel but that didn't fix it. I appreciate the help though.

I'm afraid I accidentally clicked into a click farm with bad ads, but none of my security software alerted or finds anything wrong.

Is something hitting the hard disk a lot? Usually that’s what causes these things in my experience.

Nope. Disk hanging around 3% atm and very laggy. And only this app...

Have you tried resetting chrome?

And run malwarebytes just to be sure.

Yep, tried both, no luck. Starting to wonder if it updated yesterday or something...

I played a music video on Youtube and the video lagged every few seconds, while the sound playback was flawless. I wonder if there was a new Chrome build that screwed up their video codecs or something.

I don't know. I've been using Chrome for a long while and often get frustrated with how much of a laggy, memory hog it is, even when I don't have a lot of tabs open. I've tried a lot of the various techniques to speed things up with it and with the computer in general, but at best, they are only temporary fixes until it all starts up again. It's just so aggravating to click on something and then have Chrome start doing it's "wait until I finish going through my latest conniption fit" before it will actually do what I want.

Hitman Pro is amazing at finding all sorts of adware, cookies and registry entries that Malwarebytes misses.

It is my go to anti-malware software.

I'll try that, Fang, thanks.

Hmm. Hitman Pro found nothing but tracking cookies. In order to do the temp auth, though, I had to reboot again. (I've done that several times.) This time. Chrome came up totally clean, without my standard 13 or so tabs. And it's fine!

So I guess it's something to do with one of the pages, since my extensions are all up and running. I'll have to experiment and figure out which one it is.

Thanks for the help!

And the problem is back this morning...

Robear wrote:

And the problem is back this morning...

Do you log into Chrome? If so, try a guest or other login account that uses different settings.

Years ago I had an issue that only happened with my account which was likely due to an extension or plugin misbehaving.

I had at one point logged out, and didn't log back in. So not that.

I fixed it by reverting to Firefox. I abandoned that in version 47 due to all sorts of issues; it's now at 64 and running with the same bookmarks, the same extensions, even with the same cookies imported, but not lagging.