Kpop music thread. Stan talent, Stan-all.

Thanks Tscott & Dyni

Unfortunately, Loona’s not doing an artist engagement session, so not likely to see them for anything other than the concert

But I did just see React to the K while checking in. That was fun.

So a tale to tell...

I got my artist engagement pack and pulled N Flying and IZONE for my Hi Touches. I was chatting with a guy in line who bought my IZONE for $300 right off the bat. I swapped my N Flying for a Momoland in only a few minutes.

Figured I was done, but then the guy who bought the IZONE said I should try to get another Momoland and do the Hi Touch twice. Didn’t even know that was possible. So I did. Hoping he’s right. I’ll love to HiTouch again.

Find out tomorrow.

Cool. Glad you'll finally meet Momoland. Meanwhile, I was at work today tearing up while checking the #LAWelcomesLOONA hashtag on twitter. Fans were happy to see Loona arrive at the airport and Loona was happy to see their supporting fans. It's just so wholesome seeing their smiling faces as their fans cheer their arrival.

I love following things like that. And on my end I’m finally reading the KCON official rules and it specifically says only one hi touch per person even if you have more than one voucher. Well crap. That plan is busted. Gotta try and sell or trade the extra off I guess.

I love groups who love their fans and stay overall humble about it. Momoland is that way and LOONA seems very much that way as well. I understand the tearing up. Momoland put out a 1000 day anniversary video for a thank you to Merries and it had me wiping my eyes for 8 solid minutes.

Just saw that Oneus and Chung-ha won’t make it to kcon because of visa issues. That’s too bad. Chung-ha’s Snapping is one of the hottest songs at the moment.

Yeah. A lot of people are bummed about it. She would have been great to see in the concert.

A hi touch is both everything you hear and as amazing as all the stories. I was able to slow down enough to thank each of them in Korean and even get a couple of sentences out to one. But it is a whirlwind and such a blur even as immediately afterward as stepping down from the stage.

I can’t imagine paying the cost for any group that I just casually enjoy, but for Momoland who is my ONE group, I’m so glad I did. It was very special. And very likely a literal once-in-a-lifetime thing. The cost is super prohibitive for any repeat later on.

I have kinda learned that the Kpop fans who go to KCON aren’t really my kind of people. I’ve met some I liked, but overall it’s like they and I listen to the same songs but hear very different music.

I wish there was a way for a KCON event tailored to regular type fans, as I think the high cost and far coast location filters for a specific subset of fans. But any such thing would just get overrun by that subset anyway.

I don’t know LOONA well enough to know who I high fived as they left a convention floor event but I was on the barricade and got two. Try to find a way to share the video.

Just glanced at it. Someone and Chuu.

Tscott, help?

1) I'm insanely jealous right now.

2) That's Yves (Eve) and Chuu. Yves is the one that Chuu is obsessing about in her video Heart Attack.

3) I keep checking the Kcon website to see if they're live streaming, but so far it's always been off line. Was hoping to see the Kcon Rookies event last night, but have had to rely on twitter and youtube for footage. Pretty sure they'll stream the concerts, though (I hope!).

The concerts will be. And I just found LOONA doing some beauty thing. I’m way way in the back. But They're really doing a ton here. They had a mini fan sign and then multiple things today plus the concert tonight.

Wish you could be here. So much LOONA.

Have you run into Momoland since the hitouch? I just saw that a couple hours ago they appeared at the area where fans were learning the I'm So Hot dance.

Also, here's some more Chuu, because you can never have too much Chuu:


Adore Chuu. I was at the Momoland I’m so Hot appearance. I wanted to try and give the letter I wrote so I stayed at the barricade but it didn’t pan out. Try as I might.

Looking at that link, I’m literally just off frame. I recognize a guy I was next to.

So I’ve removed in to my computer with Splashtop to get the live stream and OBS ready. I wanna have a professional copy to remember this all by.

Well my record the live stream failed. Most of the time it spent buffering. On a 200gb/s connection. Clearly KCON site was slammed. So much for a professional video momento

Yeah. The livestream was spotty during the red carpet event before the concert, then they took it down altogether. When it came back up just before the concert things were a lot better but I had to refresh to get it back working on my browser. I enjoyed seeing Momoland and Loona on my computer. Hope you had a blast seeing them in person. I just wish Loona got to perform at least one more song, rather than the chaos between Butterfly and Hi High (although it wouldn't really be Loona without a little chaos, in my opinion).

Skipped the second concert and sold my ticket to be at the airport for when Momoland flew out. Got my letter to their manager to give to them. Best concert I ever missed!

Red Velvet - Umpah! Umpah!

I have an instant love for this song. Which is good because I've preordered both versions of this album. Really fun. One thing I read about the title was that the word 'Umpah' is supposedly what is used to teach breathing when learning swimming in Korean. "Um" to breathe in, "pah" to breathe out.

Everglow - Adios

Opposite reaction to this song. I hated it on first listen- which is too bad as I've also preordered the album. On subsequent listens, I'm warming up to it a little more- but the main hook reminds me of Windham Hill Christmas Music and I can't quite get past that.

Also, I tried watching the livestream of the second Kcon concert but the audio was slightly off from the video and it was driving me crazy. Only saw Itzy perform and gave up because it was making me too frustrated.

Umpah is a lot of fun. The captioned lyrics make so much more sense knowing what you said about Um-Pah. Certain-to-buy.

I didn't mind Adios that much, but I don't think it's a strong comeback for Everglow. It's fine, but almost feels like it's trying too hard. I dunno. I'll probably go buy the digital album just on the strength of the last one and knowing I'll like it well enough, but I doubt it'll get a ton of play, unless there's a B-side that hits me like D+1 did. That song still gets me whenever it pops up.

EDIT: just streamed the album. I think Hush is my favorite of the three. But overall, a solid album. Just don't think Adios is the best song.

I went looking at a list of recent comebacks. I didn't realize Oh My Girl had a release. Haven't yet dug in to see if it's an album or single or what.

Quote != Edit

Antichulius, I hope you've had a chance to recover from your trip and I hope that it was an overall good experience.

Bungee is very cute and irresistible.

Every b-side of ReVeFestival Day 2 is excellent. Well worth checking out- but that's as to be expected for any Red Velvet release. I'm still waiting for a shipping notice on my physical copies- really hoping to have them in my hands soon.

Also I'm surprised at how well Everglow's comeback is doing. It currently has over twice as many views as Umpah Umpah and they were released within hours of each other. I'm thinking I'll like the bsides of their comeback because I really liked the ones from their debut. One funny note about this comeback: One of the members, EU, wore a t-shirt during a performance that read "Hentai" and that lead to me spending time at work checking an amusing twitter thread of kpop stars wearing questionable fashion.


I already picked up Reve 2 and Everglow's Hush. Reve 2 B-sides are good, pretty standard RV (doh, I just got ReVe........ :facepalm:)... anyway, pretty standard RV B-side fare. It's good, though nothing really jumped out to me. Oompah is the highlight for me. Hush is just 3 songs, and I really like the other 2. Hush is probably my favorite of them, but "You don't know me" is currently the song playing and i'll probably repeat it as it ends.

The KCON trip was really good. KCON was good, though it was really Momoland that made the trip for me, and since I made the trip basically entirely to see them, it's only fitting. Seeing them off at the airport was super special because I was literally the only one there to see of Momoland. Everyone else was for LOONA, so when Momoland got out of their van, there wasn't a crowd or any jostling for position or attention. It was really low key, which fits me quite well. I almost wish I'd either been braver or whatnot to try to get a bit closer or ask for a picture with them since it was literally just me there. But I opted for a respectful like 20-30 feet away. After all, the whole reason I was there was to give them the letter I'd written about how meaningful they've been in my life. I'd been trying to get it to them all weekend, and it never panned out. So, having their manager offer to take it and give it to them (before they were out of the van), I'd basically done all I was there to do and anything like pictures or video or whatever else just wasn't in my mind. A just me and them selfie of some sort would have been utterly amazing if I'd thought to ask. I will always remember that night, though. I don't think I'll ever have anything like it. It certainly made the trip for me. Enough that I went home teary and spent like an hour writing a chronicle of every attempt to give the letter and how I was finally able to deliver it. Just to help me remember.

My only KCON regret is I was so focused at times to try and figure out how to give the letter, that I missed a lot of neat things. But the way it all turned out is fine by me. I may have been on the sidelines of the concert on purpose, but I got a special memory literally no one else got.

I just wish the livestream hadn't spent basically all night buff-uff-uff----------erin------g. I would have been really fun to have the livestream recorded to watch later.

But, I didn't come home with CON-illness. So a win there!

I don't remember if I found this because it was already posted here or if I found it somewhere else, but I really dig the vibe of this song. AKMU is so good.

Antichulius wrote:

(doh, I just got ReVe........ :facepalm:)...

Also, people in Red Velvet's fandom are ReVeluvs. (Re Vel Luv)

I really need to give AKMU more attention. I discovered them shortly after finding Kpop, but haven't watched their videos in a while, nor added them to my playlist. I had forgotten how adorable that video for How People Move is.

I just discovered another singer from a video that was suggesting lesser known kpop songs that people might like: Lim Kim and the song is Awoo from 2015. She's got a cool alternative sound, and I'm enjoying this song. Doesn't look like she's currently active, but this was from her 3rd mini album so I know there's more to check out from her.


Tscott wrote:

Also I'm surprised at how well Everglow's comeback is doing. It currently has over twice as many views as Umpah Umpah and they were released within hours of each other.

I just saw a reddit post that speculates that the high view count for this video is partly because their company has paid to have the MV used as a Youtube ad. They also mention that GWSN did this with Red Sun (one of my current favorite songs). I'm glad they're getting exposure, but I also have mixed feelings as Youtube views are used (in part) to determine things like award show wins and they're essentially paying for higher views. ...But on the other hand, it's not that much different that Army (BTS) or Blinks (BlackPink) streaming one video for hours just to get the numbers up.

Antichulius wrote:

I don't remember if I found this because it was already posted here or if I found it somewhere else, but I really dig the vibe of this song. AKMU is so good.

That video was in my first post in the thread AKMU is a top 3 group for me. I love them.

I've been slowly catching up on some of the new releases from the past month or so. I also like Red Velvet's new release, but not a fan of Adios.

A couple newer ones I've enjoyed:

And after finally getting around to Chungha's new EP, loving this one:

It's kind of nice to have an all English chorus to sing along to once in a while.

Dyni wrote:
Antichulius wrote:

I don't remember if I found this because it was already posted here or if I found it somewhere else, but I really dig the vibe of this song. AKMU is so good.

That video was in my first post in the thread AKMU is a top 3 group for me. I love them.

That explains why it was on my Watch Later list. I typically just cue up every video here and ones I find elsewhere to listen to when I get the chance. Must've found it when I recently combed through the whole thread and was probably like: "Akmu, oh yes, I like them," and queued it up. Thanks for posting it

I actually really like Everglow's Adios. I mean it's not quite to Bon Chocolat's level but still one of my favorite kpop songs of the year. Red Velvet however has always been hit and miss and unfortunately their last two MV's have been huge misses for me.

I see Sunmi had a new comeback but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I'm always down for some Sumni though!

The new Sunmi vid is wild. I watched it a few times this morning before work but couldn't fully digest what its about. Feels a lot more like a departure from the Heroine/Siren eras than Noir did.

Momoland’s first full album is a Japan release called Chiri Chiri set to drop next week. It’s a bunch of previously released Japanese title tracks as well as a few new Japanese versions, plus two new songs.

Not a comeback, but nice to see a release and hope it can get them some momentum going toward a new comeback.

Pinky Love hit Japanese streaming a few days ago, so there’s a mediocre quality capture on YouTube. I like it. Hope it gets a Korean version at some point.

I preordered the deluxe album (+DVD of MVs) and went ahead and bought some editions of previous Japanese releases. The songs will be repeats of what’s on Chiri Chiri, but the bonus stuff looks great. 3rd Momoland desk calendar and a new photo book! It’ll all ship a few days after Chiri’s release so it’ll be a while before I see them. But I’m super excited.

Momoland’s Pinky Love MV

In related news, looks like CDJapan ships for release date delivery, so my Chiri Chiri album is set for Wednesday delivery