Kpop music thread. Stan talent, Stan-all.

Babymonster - Sheesh

Feeling some strong BlackPink vibes on this one, especially at the end of the song. It's good, but I think I still like 'Batter Up' a bit more. Also, in case you didn't know, this is the debut of the group's final member, Ahyeon, who had been announced as being selected to be in the final group but had not yet participated in the previous pre-release songs or promotions due to health reasons. Congratulations!

gurusloth wrote:

Feeling some strong BlackPink vibes on this one, especially at the end of the song.

Oddly, I actually thought the opposite. I was calling out "That's a Jenny line... That's a Lisa line..." etc. throughout the song, and it wasn't until the outro that I thought they distinguished themselves as doing something different from Blackpink's playbook.

I think this group is going to take a bit to win me over, mainly because of my baggage. Their songs are great, the videos too, and they all apparently have talent, but I'm currently stuck making the comparison to their sister group.

Tscott wrote:

it wasn't until the outro that I thought they distinguished themselves as doing something different from Blackpink's playbook.

I guess when they transitioned into that new beat at the end of the song it just gave me really strong 'Shut Down' vibes. But yeah, the transition itself was not a BlackPink move. More NMixx, I guess, but in that case they'd have to transition and then go back to the original again.


VVUP - Locked On

This song is really doing some interesting stuff. The sampled drum beats really fill up all the empty space and then when the chorus comes in I almost missed it; it sounds more like a pre-chorus, I kept expecting the actual chorus each time after they sing it, but nope, the song just continues. Not sure what to make of this one yet; it's not super-catchy but there is something compelling about it.

I watched that and was pretty surprised how American of a high school experience they were depicting. Then I read they filmed the entire video in L.A. so that explains that. Video was fun. Song - I've give it a few listens to see how it grows on me.

QWER - T.B.H(고민중독)

this sounds just like an anime opening theme song and I'm 1000% here for it.

Also, this new song from Sera Ryu dropped a few days ago and I am actually really impressed. It's just a lyrics video but check it out, maybe you'll hear something you like.

Sera Ryu - One More Time

New single from Kiss of Life! Normally I'd say a song of this length is too short, but after listening to it I don't really think it's missing anything; maybe it could have a few instrumental bars at the end of the song but that's about it. Also, pretty good! The video has a great shot I don't think I've ever seen before with Natty riding a motorcycle and she leans down to touch the street as she passes by and instead of sparks shooting out it's gold coins. I dunno why, but it felt like that's imagery I should have seen before because it seems so obvious in retrospect. Anyway, check it out!

Kiss of Life - Midas Touch

Also, this came out a couple weeks ago but apparently has been getting a lot of traction. I normally don't go in for rap-focused songs/groups, but there is something compelling about this. See what you think.

Young Posse - XXL

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! Technically it is now Thursday here, but yeah, I'm posting early as I have an early morning tomorrow so I won't have time to do so before I head out to work. Gonna jump right into it, we're discussing Apink today! They debuted in 2012 and the throwback for today is from 2014, and it's probably their most famous song. It officially turned ten years old at the end of March, so I thought it fitting to feature it today. Please enjoy!

Apink - Mr. Chu

Triple iz - Halla

this is a subunit/collaboration Secret Number, Ichillin, and X:in with one person from each group (Dita, Eji, and Aria, respectively). I was a bit underwhelmed with the song, though. It's kinda laid back and it never really grabbed my attention or gave me a really strong hook to sink my teeth into. It's a bit of a shame, this group was (I assume) put together to attract attention to the three members' groups but if the song tanks in the charts it will be just money down the drain.


Woo!Ah! - Blush

IMO: it's good but not great. It sounds a bit flat, there's not enough chord changes for my preference. I think if the bridge was a bit more dynamic it could pop a lot harder. But the chorus is pretty catchy and it's well produced. I was hoping for something a bit more...compelling? I dunno. I liked 'Rollercoaster' more, so it's a bit of a letdown.

ARTMS - Flower Rhythm Official Track Video

Even though this is a "Track Video" I believe it's the whole song. 2:42 video and the song is showing as 2:39 in my Itunes pre-ordered album.

Happy Throwback Thursday! But first...NEW MUSIC ALERT! This is a solo release from G(IDLE)'s Yuqi. It's pretty, and kinda nostalgic sounding. Something about the way she sings the lyrics is throwing me off, though. It's like she's over-pronouncing or something, it's a bit off. Someone in the recording booth was giving bad direction on this one, I know she can do better cuz she did in last year's 'I Do'. Anyway, it's still pretty good, check it out!

Yuqi - Could It Be


Okay, on to the throwback! This is (once again) Girls' Day. I did warn you I'd be back for more of them, and even after this there's more to throw back to so just hang on to your shorts. This song is really great, IMO; it just has high energy right from the jump and never lets up. Anyway, let's cut to the chase and link the video; please enjoy!

Girls' Day - Female President

in case you missed it:

Billlie's Moon Sua and Suhyeon are back from hiatus!

gurusloth wrote:

Billlie's Moon Sua and Suhyeon are back from hiatus!

OMG! That's amazing. I saw this video recommended to me but hadn't had the chance to watch it yet. Can't wait to see all 7 perform together again.

Loossemble - Girls' Night MV

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! But wait, what's that I hear in the distance? It's a...

We got a new MV from ILLIT; this is off of their debut EP that released last month.

ILLIT - Lucky Girl Syndrome

Much like their debut, I think this gives off strong New Jeans vibes. Which, y'know, why wouldn't you? That group is hella successful. I'm not really sure why Hybe is fine with it's subsidiary management teams putting out such closely competing groups, but I guess if they're fine with it I am too. New Jeans is probably so swamped with offers right now they're happy to not also have to learn and promote new music for a while.

Okay, we also got a new debut from a group called BEWAVE (every group must be all caps now for some reason) which I guess is short for 'Blue Wave'. I'd have just called them Blue Wave, but I guess BEWAVE has better SEO or something. Anyway, here's the MV:

BEWAVE - Sing!

It's pretty decent. I've heard plenty of less interesting debut releases so, y'know, kudos to them. I'm not sure if it will break through for them but it's kinda catchy so maybe it will!


Okay, on to the throwback! This one is from Sistar; I guess technically this is a summer jam since it was released in June of 2013, but I don't get the same vibes from it as I do from, say, 'Touch My Body' or 'Shake It'. Maybe it's just the vibe of the MV, since they're not at the beach or outside. Speaking of the MV, make sure to stick around at the end of it, there's a cute comedy bit. Please enjoy!

Sistar - Give It To Me