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gurusloth wrote:

Although if she is with P Nation does that mean Mamamoo is basically over?

I think they haven’t officially disbanded, but with Hwasa and Wheein each signed to different labels the amount of times the 4 of them can get together to record together will be rare (kind of like how Girls Generation is).

Solar and Moonbyul have been recording as Mamamoo+ and I expect that might continue for a while.

Here's a M/V for BIBI's second new song. Grittier and darker visuals. I hope they add English subtitles because I want to know what she's singing about here.

BIBI - Hongdae R&B

happy Throwback Thursday everyone! This week I'm going back to the Girl's Day well, but today's song was released even earlier than the last song I talked about of theirs on #tbt. I mentioned previously that they had some lineup and concept shifts after they debuted in 2010, and this video is from the tail end of that era. If I had to describe what they're shooting for, I guess I'd say it's like a Roly Poly (T-ara) vibe but the video is much more goofy. I mostly like this song for the video, but the song itself is pretty good too. Check it out!

Girl's Day - Oh! My God

Here's one for Throwback Thursday... Hwasa shared a reel on instagram where Lee Hyori was dancing to "I Love My Body". She was in Refund Girls with Hwasa but I don't think I ever checked out her early stuff. So I found Bad Girls, posted 10 years ago, looks like it was one of her most viewed videos... and man MVs were insane back then...

Lee Hyori - Bad Girls

Tscott wrote:

Here's one for Throwback Thursday...

Lee Hyori - Bad Girls

haha, that Lee Hyori video is crazy! The song is a bit too repetitive for my tastes, but yeah, a great MV to watch. I hate to spoil some future throwbacks, but she's got a few real iconic songs from back in the day; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and U Go Girl are probably the two go-to picks from that era. If you've watched a lot of Korean music variety shows you've probably seen some covers of them performed by more modern artists.

BTW... speaking of crazy videos, could they add in any more zany sound effects to interrupt the song in that Girls Day video?

I'm glad videos don't do that as much anymore - usually these days when the MV interrupts the song it's with a dramatic long pause instead of wacky noises.

It's been a while since we got something from Weeekly.

Weeekly - 'Good Day (Special Daileee)' Special Video

And here's KARA member, Youngji with a new song:

Hur Young Ji - L.O.V.E.

How about an English version of Dreamcatcher's latest title track? Here it is...

Dreamcatcher - 'BONVOYAGE (Farewell Ver.)' MV (Lyrics)

Wow, it's that time again! Thursdays just keep coming around, don't they? Before we throwback, though, we got a new debut MV release from the Queendom Puzzle group EL7Z UP to check out.

EL7Z UP - Cheeky

I like this okay, the chord progression in the chorus is pretty good, but tbh I liked some of the songs from the show quite a bit more. I would have thought they'd hold back something a bit stronger for the group's debut.

Okay, it's #tbt time! Gonna go with another song from G Dragon; I normally don't go in for rap in my Kpop but so many of his videos have such a strong visual style that they really draw me in. Last time I brought him up the video was pretty wild and a bit silly; this one is more dark and serious. Check it out!

G Dragon - Coup D'etat

I'll admit I have been nervous about this comeback, not knowing what to expect from just 5 former members of Loona with a new company, but I really love this song on first listen. And their name Loossemble (a shortening of Loona Assemble) is growing on me- but I'm still wishing they'd gone with something else.

Loossemble - Sensitive

With this comeback(debut?) they've released a mini album with an intro, English version of Sensitive and FIVE other new songs that I can't wait to dig into.

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! I'm in a good mood, the tickets for IU's concert screening in movie theaters near me finally went on sale so I bagged one for next Saturday. WOO! Also, we got some new music from Rolling Quartz and mimiirose (new last week sorry I didn't see it until today):

Rolling Quartz - Fearless

mimiirose - Flirting

Also, lately I've been seeing a lot of smaller releases (artists such as X:IN, Green, Ferry Blue, etc.) being promoted on The Website Formerly Known As Twitter (TWeFKAT) from an account called nugupromoter, so if you aren't already following them you should check them out. Maybe you'll find a new favorite group or song!

Anyway, on to the #tbt; I'll try to be brief as I am about to leave for work! This is the debut MV from a solo artist you probably have heard of, her name is Ailee. She is a powerhouse vocalist and this song is one of the strongest debut releases I can remember. I also included a second video of the same song performed as a duet from her appearance on Fantastic Duo that is really great, so please enjoy!

Ailee - Heaven

Fantastic Duo version

so I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been watching the new JYP girl group competition show featuring competitors from the good ol' USA and that series just wrapped up today. The winners were announced, the group was given a name by JYP (Vcha) and they already have a pre-release MV out. It's...interesting. I honestly don't know if I'll enjoy a Kpop-styled group when I can understand all the lyrics, although XG does already exist and they're pretty great. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Vcha - Y.O.Universe

I kinda like the song from VCHA, and I'm curious how this international group will do in the K-pop world. But their name is... well a lot of groups now days seem like they just throw some scrabble tiles randomly on the floor to get their names.

On that topic... Kep1er have released a new song and EP

Kep1er - Galileo

Giddy was the song that finally won me over for Kep1er. I don't know if Galileo will surpass that song in my book, but I do like it.

I watched the episode where they named VCHA and it's supposed to be an slightly modified anglicization of the Korean word 비추다 which means to shine or illuminate. So basically it's just SHINee but in reverse.

That new Kep1er track is pretty good, one of their better ones IMO. I still like MVSK the best I think but that's more my personal taste than the actual quality of the song. This one is pretty strong; I was wondering if the title of the song was just a throwaway tie-in to the name of the group but they incorporated it into the lyrics better than I expected. Speaking of new music, IVE just dropped their (first? who knows) pre-release MV for their upcoming album:

IVE - Either Way

It's pretty different from their previous releases. I wonder if this is indicative of the whole album/EP.

I like that. I'm pretty sure their title track will be more in line with their other title tracks but this was a good chill song to show off their vocal and emotional range.

Billlie - BYOB (bring your own best friend)

This is a pre-release single. Their EP and title track will be out in about a month from now. This song (and I believe the rest of the EP) only features 5 members as Moon Sua and Suhyeon are currently inactive due to personal/health reasons. I hope they get better soon.

And this new song from XG is wild in the best way.


Happy Throwback Thursday once again, and happy Chuseok! I think we're all caught up on new releases this time around, so let's get straight into it. I'm revisiting KARA once again, to a song I consider to be from their 'later era' (whatever that means) although this is still before their lineup change. The chorus on this song is really great and the shoulder roll choreo gets me every time. Also, it's officially ten years old as of this month, so please enjoy!

KARA - Damaged Lady

New League of Legends collaboration song, this time with NewJeans.

GODS ft. NewJeans (Official Music Video) | Worlds 2023 Anthem - League of Legends

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! It's been quiet for new releases lately; lots of teasers for upcoming stuff though, so keep your eyes peeled. I got out to see a theatrical screening of IU's Golden Hour concert this last weekend, and it was so great! She announced at that concert that she will be retiring her song Palette as of that show, and I found someone who posted the clip of the last performance on Youtube so I thought why not? Who knows how long this will be up, but enjoy it while you can.

IU - Palette (live - The Golden Hour concert)

I guess the new music drops were closer than I thought (actually the Girls' World MV was a few days ago but I missed it. Whoops!).

G-IDLE - I Want That

Girl's World - Fly High (Thumbelina)

And two more new releases:

JENNIE - You & Me (Dance Performance Video)

IVE - Off the Record MV

Second pre-release track. Title track will be out on the 13th.

No new songs in this post, but Billlie has an English version of BYOB (bring your own best friend) that they just released a lyric video for:

Billlie | 'BYOB (bring your own best friend) (English Ver.)' Lyric Video

and XG has released a "multiverse music video" of New Dance. I'm not sure what that means and I think the first version was already great, but this one's OK too.

XG - NEW DANCE (Official Multiverse Music Video)

Surprise pre-release video from CHUU!!! This is making me even more excited for her title track.

CHUU 츄 'Underwater' MV

Lovely song.

Really looking forward to the rest of the October releases. I have so many I'm excited about.

new music from LIGHTSUM and a tripleS subunit:

LIGHTSUM - Honey or Spice

tripleS: EVOLution - Invincible

I think I like the LIGHTSUM track a bit more; it's pretty solid although I think the chorus could be catchier. The tripleS song just doesn't quite hang together as well as I'd prefer; there are parts of it I really like but it just doesn't feel cohesive somehow. I don't know how to explain it better than that.

Whee In - In the Mood

Whee In has also released a full album, "IN the mood" with 11 songs that I plan to dig into soon. One song has HWASA as a feature artist. BTW, Whee In's Instagram handle has always been @whee_inthemood, so it's cleaver that she incorporated that into her title track/album title.

Wow, we had a lot of new drops this week! I really enjoyed the new Billlie, Chuu, and Wheein songs in particular. But now it's time to throw back, once again! #tbt

I did a throwback to a song from the group Dalshabet back at the end of March and this throwback is the follow-up to that song. Not much else to say, it's a bop and the video is cute. Please enjoy!

Dalshabet - Be Ambitious

IVE - Baddie

Completely unhinged and I think I love it.

Queenz Eye - This is Love

This song is very good. The video is pretty barebones, tbh, but man, that chorus hits and it just doesn't matter. I could see this song being really popular if it's promoted well; like, Fifty-Fifty-tier popular, although there's not enough English in it to go quite as far as Cupid was able to. I gotta re-assess my top ten for this year...

I don't think I've even heard of Queenz Eye before, but I do like the song. In looking into the group, I found their fandom name is IQ, so that's cute.

I'd be happy if this song boosted their popularity, but I'd hope they don't go the full Fifty-Fifty route and implode into a mess of forgeries, fraud, lies and accusations.

Been a while since we got Sunmi comeback. This might be her wildest song yet.